4 Round Cut Engagement Rings with Secret Detailing

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While every engagement ring is as special as the relationship it celebrates, some styles have found lasting popularity. When it comes to diamond cuts, the Round Cut engagement ring has long been the dominant style because of the way it highlights the stone’s beauty and inner fire. However, just because you want a classic and traditional engagement ring doesn’t mean it has to look like every other Round Cut diamond ring. These rings surprise and delight with extra details that really make the diamond sing, turning a traditional ring into a one-of-a-kind find. Ambleside Ambleside The Ambleside ring is one of our favorite finds. The beautiful Round Brilliant Cut diamond sparkles in a setting that’s made of both white and yellow gold, creating a truly stunning two-tone effect. The intertwining colors of the setting and band are further accented with two single cut accent diamonds and engraving on the band. This Round Cut engagement ring is classic, but it’s anything but ordinary. Cathedral Cathedral We love the one-of-a-kind nature of our antique and vintage rings, but sometimes we love a piece so much that it inspires us to create something new. Taking vintage-inspired design to new heights, the Cathedral ring recreates a look that’s pure Art Deco. This Round Cut engagement ring features an Old European Cut diamond that sparkles in a uniquely detailed setting. The bright yellow gold band is engraved with a geometric design that makes a simple, classic ring style into a bold choice. It’s perfect for a bride-to-be who wants to honor tradition while forging her own path. High Point high point The High Point’s mid-century design allows the Round Brilliant Cut diamond at its center to be the focus while sophisticated detailing creates a vintage look that is elegant on any modern bride. Bezel-set baguette and single cut diamonds add an interesting geometric frame to the center stone, creating an unusual silhouette. As a finishing touch, the white gold band is beautifully decorated with milgrain detail, producing a one-of-a-kind ring you’ll both fall for. Carlton Carlton The first thing you notice when you look at the Carlton is the enormous center stone, which is eye-catching enough to satisfy even the most diamond-a-holic bride-to-be. But look past the rock on this unbelievable Edwardian antique treasure and you’ll discover where the Carlton truly shines: the little details. Featuring an unbelievable 32 accent diamonds in a hand-engraved band graced with scrolling metal work and milgrain edges, this is a ring that demands to be looked at twice! Trumpet & Horn’s collection of vintage and vintage-inspired round cut engagement rings is just the beginning of our incredible fine jewelry offerings. We search the world to discover all styles of unique engagement rings, cocktail rings, and other stunning pieces that can be handed down through the generations. Shop today to discover your next family heirloom!

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