5 of Our Favorite Diamond Cocktail Rings

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They are big, bold, dramatic, and will catch everyone’s attention at any party you wear them to. Just what are these commanding items? Diamond cocktail rings, of course! Cocktail rings were extremely prominent in the early 1930s and were often worn to parties so that women could flaunt them during the event. While cocktail parties might not be as commonplace today as they were in earlier decades, they are still popular and worn on many occasions. When you want to go bold and wear something that will turn heads throughout the night, one of these rings is the way to go. We love the big, beautiful statement that these rings make, which is why we have compiled a list of our current favorite top five diamond cocktail rings at Trumpet & Horn. Gastby 1. Gatsby We might as well start this list with a ring that looks like it came straight out of its namesake’s book: Gatsby. This ring screams Art Nouveau and manages to be both simple and over the top at the same time. If you love diamonds, this is the cocktail ring for you. Gatsby features a round brilliant cut center stone that is surrounded by 24 diamonds in its halo, and even more diamonds between the halo and center stone. You will be getting compliments all night long when you choose Gatsby from our list of diamond cocktail rings. Maple HIll 2. Maple Hill From Art Nouveau we transition right into the Art Deco era with Maple Hill. Symmetry and a focus on geometric shapes and line work: Maple Hill features everything that we love about the Art Deco period. You can just imagine a woman with a flapper dress adorning this ring at a party during the roaring twenties. Add to the story of Maple Hill by making it your own. Glenwood 3. Glenwood Another gorgeous piece from the Art Deco era is Glenwood. If you want your hand to be sparkling whenever it hits the light, Glenwood would make a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. The center diamond is flanked by four diamonds, which are surrounded by an additional 14. Many diamond cocktail rings also feature colored gemstones, and Glenwood is an excellent example of this with its calibre cut emeralds that add a whimsical touch. Tulane 4. Tulane You will fall head over heels in love with Tulane as soon as it is slipped onto your finger, and it is easy to see why. This ring is also from the Art Deco period, and features an array of shapes. The entire ring is fashioned into a square with triangles and hearts surrounding the center stone. The use of hearts in this ring is very endearing, making this romantic cocktail ring a perfect gift for someone special, even if that someone special is you! Wetherby 5. Wetherby Last but definitely not least in our list of our favorite diamond cocktail rings is Wetherby. This extraordinary ring has all of the details we love from the Art Deco period, like the use of varying shapes and symmetry. It’s hard to decide which diamond feature is most striking, but the good news is that you don’t have to; you can love them all. If you want a vintage ring that will turn heads and one that you can wear on multiple occasions, a cocktail ring just might be the perfect choice. Choose from our list of favorites, or a variety of other beautiful diamond cocktail rings at Trumpet & Horn.

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