5 Rings Fit for the Glamorous Urbanite

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  Glamorous Urbanite If you love the hustle and bustle of the big city and the excitement that comes with living in the middle of it, city chic jewelry is right up your alley. These small pieces have big personalities, much like you, and offer an easy way to show off your love of all things urban. Big, bold, colorful jewelry is perfect for a woman who is fun-loving, outgoing, and has a thirst for adventure. If this sounds like you, then check out our list of jewelry perfect for any activity in the city.   1. Bowery Bowery   With Bowery by your side, you will never have any trouble hailing a cab downtown. The incredibly bright blue sapphire is impossible to miss, as it weighs over two carats and is extremely captivating. This ring is from the late Victorian era, which means it has been commanding attention for over 100 years. This piece of city chic jewelry puts the focus on its stone and keeps it simple where the band is concerned. The 20k yellow gold band is in impeccable shape and features a floral setting that adds flare to the ring without overpowering the sapphire. Bowery is simple in theory and showstopping in person. 2. Eden’s Edge Eden's Edge   This beauty comes from the 1930s, making it an authentic piece of Art Deco jewelry. Art Deco jewelry is often extremely detailed with a focus on bold colors, line work, and geometric shapes, which can definitely be seen in Eden’s Edge. Line work detailing divides the ring into multiple sections. This ring includes a double band detail on the front, which splits the ring into two symmetrical top and bottom sections. If you are a diamond lover, then Eden’s Edge is the item of city chic jewelry for you! Twenty six diamonds are featured, which gives this ring a gorgeous sparkle that is magnified by street lights and billboards. While the plethora of diamonds in Eden’s Edge is no doubt a selling point, their purpose is to highlight the four carat emerald in the center. Needless to say, they do their job and then some! 3. Burnsville Burnsville   Be the envy of everyone in town when you wear Burnsville. This glamorous ring is comprised of diamonds, platinum, and even more diamonds. The unstoppable sparkle from this Art Deco piece is sure to catch the attention of everyone in the crowd and earn you multiple compliments whenever you wear it. City chic jewelry is meant to be shown off, and Burnsville is a great ring to flaunt on your trips through downtown. The center diamond is nearly a carat and a half and is set in a unique hexagon shape. One diamond might not be enough for you, which is why there are two additional stones in the center, as well as eighteen surrounding diamonds. 4. Heathrow Heathrow   This modern day ring is from the 1980s and is a fabulous choice for someone who appreciates an extremely unique piece of jewelry. At the center of Heathrow is a stunning round diamond that measures just over half a carat. While the diamond is no doubt an eye drawing stone, the cushion-shaped rubies that surround it might just be the real draw to this piece of city chic jewelry. The 18k gold band allows both stones to stand out without overpowering them or diverting attention. 5. Thacher Thacher   Similar to Burnsville, Thacher is best suited for someone who prefers the shimmer of a diamond to a bold-colored gemstone. This diamond and platinum heavy ring is from the Edwardian period, which is why it has a romantic appearance and delicate design work. Three diamonds are featured in a center oval and are surrounded by twelve more stones for an unusual, yet captivating look. Find it at Trumpet & Horn From diamonds to sapphires and everything in between, Trumpet & Horn has all of the city chic jewelry you are looking for. Find the rings featured above and many more today at Trumpet & Horn.

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