5 Vintage Engagement Ring Picks Under $2500

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At Trumpet & Horn, it’s no secret that we love fine jewelry, especially fine vintage jewelry. When we think of the perfect symbol to celebrate making a lifetime commitment to your relationship, we think of beautiful vintage engagement rings. We also know that a lot of those people think such a ring is out of their budget. But not every beautiful vintage piece needs to be wildly expensive. We believe that every bride deserves the gorgeous vintage ring of her dreams. These are five alternative engagement ring picks that will celebrate your relationship without breaking the bank. Redbridge Redbridge This gorgeous Victorian-era piece features an entwined snake with a ruby accent. While this might not sound like an engagement ring as you know it, it’s actually one of the most traditional designs, inspired by the ring Queen Victoria received from her husband. The snake design actually represents eternal love, and became one of the most popular forms of jewelry during the beloved queen’s reign. Abbotsford Abbotsford Another Victorian-era treasure, this ruby and diamond ring has a stunning yellow gold setting and a classic three stone design. Ruby is a symbol of the passion you’re committing to keep in your relationship for a lifetime. This delicate look complements a woman with bohemian and artistic style. At just $1500, it’s the perfect look for a sweet bride to be who loves vintage style on a budget. Kenley Kenley The fluted band of this gorgeous Victorian ring is just the beginning. Four small rose cut diamonds are interspersed between three beautiful opals, milky white with a rainbow tint. This alternative engagement ring celebrates your relationship with creative style for just $1250. Loma Linda Loma Linda Featuring both traditional diamonds and emeralds, a stone associated with love and eternal hope, this scalloped Victorian treasure sends a clear message about how important your relationship is. At just $1450, you can afford to seal your commitment to love with this stunning piece of history. Point Clear Point Clear Point Clear is an incredible ring from the Edwardian era that will bring a touch of playfulness to your engagement. The pear-shaped aquamarine center stone is accented by a small diamond at the point. Best of all, it’s just $900 Even though these alternative engagement ring picks are affordable choices, you’re still getting an heirloom that already has a rich history. Your new family is the next chapter in its story, and you’ll be able to pass it down through the generations. At Trumpet & Horn, we specialize in discovering vintage pieces that are waiting to be part of someone’s story. You could be next! Shop today to find your next vintage or vintage-inspired treasure in our carefully curated collection of fine jewelry for every budget.

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