3 Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Rings We Love

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Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Rings Diamonds are often the first stone that comes to mind when people think about engagement rings, however they are not the only stone that can be the focus of a beautiful ring. In fact, many women enjoy the wow factor that can only be delivered by a colorful gemstone. Vintage aquamarine engagement rings feature one of our favorite colored stones. It’s nearly impossible for the brilliant blue hues of an aquamarine stone not to catch attention and garner compliments, which is why we have chosen to feature three of our favorite aquamarine rings. Those who celebrate a birthday in March have long realized how gorgeous the aquamarine stone is, as it is the birthstone associated with the month. However, March babies are definitely not the only ones who can enjoy the beauty of the stone, with many women choosing to flaunt a piece of jewelry featuring aquamarine. Vintage aquamarine engagement rings have been around for decades and offer a charming alternative to the now traditional diamond and platinum combination. But, don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how astonishing a blue stone can be by checking out Whitsett. Whitsett Whitsett This fabulous, one-of-a-kind ring comes to you from the Retro era, circa 1940. There is no doubt about it, the rectangular 4.5 carat center aquamarine stone steals the show in this ring. You could easily lose track of time while admiring your unique ring, which includes a 14k white gold setting for the stone and the band itself. Whitsett is a great introduction to vintage aquamarine engagement rings and a perfect example of a show stopping engagement ring that’s main focus is not a diamond. You do still get that classic sparkle, thanks to the two round cut diamonds that surround the aquamarine stone. Point Clear Point Clear Can a ring be simple, unique, and romantic all at the same time? Absolutely! If you need proof, look no further than Point Clear. This enchanting antique ring is over one hundred years old and hails from the Edwardian era: a time when jewelry was created to exude romance. The 14k gold band is delicate and simple, which allows the pear-shaped stone to stand out. The aquamarine in Point Clear features blue hues that aren’t extremely overpowering, making this a great option among vintage aquamarine engagement rings that cater to those who want something unique, but subtle. The pear-shaped stone weighs in a 1.10 carats and is complemented by a Single Cut diamond positioned just above the aquamarine. Tahiti Tahiti Our last ring in this list comes from the late Art Deco period, around the mid 1930s. This period was marked by strong geometric shapes, line work, and lots of details, which is evident in Tahiti. Of course, the main focus of this ring is the beautiful center aquamarine stone that weighs 3.75 carats. The metal work and milgrain edges on this ring really help the blue oval stone pop, and the twenty Rose Cut diamonds featured throughout don’t hurt either! This fabulous white gold ring was created as a cocktail ring, which were typically worn to show off, and show this ring off you should. Find Your Aquamarine Jewelry at Trumpet & Horn Vintage aquamarine engagement rings are a great choice for someone who wants to stray from the traditional diamond engagement ring, but not wander too far away. These beautiful rings feature bright blue stones that are accented with various details true to the eras they originate from. Get more information about these pieces and discover other aquamarine rings at Trumpet & Horn.

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