5 Alternative Stones for Engagement Rings

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Sure, diamonds can be a girl’s best friend—but they don’t have to be her only friend. While many brides to be embrace the tradition of diamond rings, others crave unique looks that express their individual personalities. In addition, since gemstones have their own symbolic language, an alternative stone can express something special about your particular relationship. If you’re considering alternative stones for engagement rings, there are a lot of stunning choices. willow treeOpal In addition to being one of the most beautiful stones, with their unique inner fire and iridescent play-of-color, opals carry the symbolism of creativity and inspiration. This makes an opal engagement ring perfect for an artistic couple who work together or rely on each other for inspiration. Whether an opal fits your relationship because of style or symbolism, The Willow Tree is a beautiful option for someone looking for alternative stones for engagement rings. This Victorian-era ring features a white opal, accented by a yellow gold and diamond halo. BallardAmethyst Amethyst is a mysterious-looking purple stone that is associated with peace, calmness, and growth. A couple who wants to set their commitment to loving, protecting, and challenging each other’s inner selves might want to consider amethyst when looking at alternative stones for engagement rings. If this sounds like you, the Ballard is an absolutely incredible alternative engagement ring. The Art Deco design features angular cuts of amethyst surrounding two small diamonds in an exquisite setting. RobbinsvilleTurquoise Bold turquoise is a stone that carries meanings of honesty, strength, and protection. Turquoise is the perfect symbol for a relationship that is truly built on trust and care. The stunning Robbinsville ring is a bold design that celebrates the strength of your relationship with bright turquoise, rose gold, and a halo of small diamonds. Bixby BridgeTourmaline Tourmaline is a special gemstone that comes in many colors, each with its own unique symbolism. Some tourmaline stones contain multiple colors of tourmaline. Pink tourmaline symbolizes friendship and compassion, while green tourmaline symbolizes joy and patience. If you want to celebrate the deep friendship at the root of your romance, Bixby Bridge is a gorgeous alternative engagement ring featuring pink tourmaline flanked by accent diamonds. WhitsettAquamarine Aquamarine gemstones are associated with improved communication, so it’s obvious why you might want to commemorate your relationship with this symbol. If you want to express your commitment to working through each of life’s little bumps together, the Whitsett ring is a gorgeous retro design featuring pale aquamarine and accent diamonds. For any couple interested in alternative stones for engagement rings, the rich symbolism associated with them can make your proposal even more meaningful. At Trumpet & Horn, we celebrate all types of antique and vintage fine jewelry, so we have many options that will help you tell the story of your relationship. Shop today to find the perfect symbol for your love.

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