Birthstones Add a Personal Touch to an Engagement Ring

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emerald engagement ringFor your wedding, you will likely spend hours perfecting every detail. From a wedding dress that feels exactly like “you” to a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a venue that is grand enough to hold the affair. Why not pay the same attention to the engagement ring? An engagement ring symbolizes so much. It symbolizes your love for her; the moment you that decided to spend the rest of your lives together. It symbolizes your love story, from start to finish. Why not have it mean even more by purchasing a ring that matches your loved one’s birthstone? This way she will know it was purchased with just her in mind, through and through. At Trumpet & Horn, our rings feature a variety of colored gemstones. Our wonderful selection of bright gems make us the perfect spot to find rings with birthstones for that something extra. In case you are not familiar with the gemstone for each month of the year, here is a review:
  • - January: Garnet
  • - February: Amethyst
  • - March: Aquamarine
  • - April: Diamond—a classic!
  • - May: Emerald—like our emerald engagement ring
  • - June: Pearl, Alexandrite
  • - July: Ruby, the color of love
  • - August: Peridot
  • - September: Sapphire
  • - October: Tourmaline, Opal
  • - November: Topaz, Citrine
  • - December: Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise
You can also select a gem according to horoscope signs, as outlined here:
  • - Aquarius: Sapphire
  • - Pisces: Amethyst
  • - Aries: Ruby
  • - Taurus: Golden Topaz
  • - Gemini: Citrine
  • - Cancer: Alexandrite
  • - Leo: Garnet
  • - Virgo: Emerald
  • - Libra: Peridot
  • - Scorpio: Aquamarine
  • - Sagittarius: Turquoise
  • - Capricorn: Green Tourmaline
emerald engagement ringWith such a variety to choose from, you have a good chance of finding a birthstone-inspired engagement ring at Trumpet & Horn. Select an emerald engagement ring, a classic diamond ring, or any of the wide variety of rings we offer. Though the ring will symbolize her birth month or Zodiac sign, she can cherish it any time of the year. To make the gesture even more special, purchase one of our vintage MRS ring boxes. These also come in a variety of bold colors to make your engagement anything but ordinary. Pick an emerald green vintage ring box for an emerald engagement ring, or mix and match with a pink box and an emerald engagement ring, or any other fun variety. The gemstones and boxes give you the chance to play with color and add an element of whimsy to your purchase. So do not hesitate to buy the colors that catch your eye—and add to the personalization of her ring with a detail such as a gemstone to match her birth month.

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