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Opal Vintage Engagement Rings

While a diamond might seem like the go-to option for an engagement ring, it definitely is not the only choice. In fact, some women love a stone that is less traditional and really stands out from other engagement rings. Opal vintage engagement rings are charming, unique, and make a great option for someone who wants a bold ring with lots of personality.

Colored gemstones were very popular in the Victorian era and Queen Victoria herself wore an emerald in her engagement ring. However, one of King Albert’s favorite stones was the opal, which is why it appears quite frequently in jewelry from the Victorian period.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Willow Tree is an authentic antique ring from the late 1800s and it shows exactly just how stunning an opal can be. This breathtaking ring is perfect for the woman who loves diamonds but wants something a bit different as the main focus. Opal vintage engagement rings are beautiful and can easily stand on their own, but when they also feature diamonds the combination can be hard to beat.

The stunning oval opal is the star of Willow Tree and the blue and white play-of-color of the stone make it impossible not to notice. Making the opal stand out even more are the 16 diamonds that surround it on all sides. The simple gold band and detailing pulls the piece together without detracting from the opal itself.

When you think of an opal, you might envision a white stone, but that isn’t always the case. Opal vintage engagement rings often feature stones with a variety of colors. Willow Tree’s opal has a rainbow play-of-color with beautiful hues of blue that peak through on the edges.



Why stop at one opal when you can have three? Coventry is another ring from the late Victorian era that features both opals and diamonds. This beautiful handmade ring comes from Birmingham, England and features English Hallmarks on the inside of the band.

The three beautiful opals each feature a rainbow play-of-color that shimmers brilliantly, similar to the opal in Willow Tree. Instead of just one opal to admire, Coventry has three; a larger center stone and two on either side. Not wanting to leave the diamonds out of the mix, Coventry features two on both sides of the center opal, for a total of four diamonds and seven stones.

Opal vintage engagement rings are often enchanting, like something out of a dream, and Coventry is definitely no exception. The gold band on this ring brings in more detail and perfectly complements both the opal and the diamonds.

Canoe Hill

Canoe Hill

This stunner will make you forget everything you thought you knew about opals. While many opals are primarily white, or feature a myriad of colors like those in Coventry or Willow Tree, they can also be very colorful. The large opal featured in Canoe Hill has even tones of blue and green, and the sparkle that this ring gives off is absolutely incredible.

Speaking of sparkle, it is almost impossible for Canoe Hill not to shimmer and shine thanks to the halo of 26 diamonds that surround the blue-green opal.

Find Your Opal Ring at Trumpet & Horn

You are sure to be the envy of everyone you know with any of these fabulous opal vintage engagement rings. At Trumpet & Horn, we strive to find authentic pieces that will be cherished for years to come, and opal rings are some of the most elegant pieces that we come across in our search. Purchase an opal ring, and bring a unique and charming piece of jewelry into your collection.

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