Pale Blue Brings a Youthful Touch to the Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

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Couples who are looking for a unique engagement ring, here’s a tip: go for vintage. Vintage rings each have their own wonderful stories to tell, and it’s up to you to write the next chapter. How romantic is that? Vintage pieces are each a small treasure on their own, and with the help of Trumpet & Horn, many wonderful options are now right at your fingertips. Not all vintage jewelry is covered with intricate filigree, and depending on the stone of choice, even vintage pieces can have a youthful touch.

Vintage Rings Can Still Have a Youthful Touch

Take a look at Seychelles, for instance. This vintage aquamarine engagement ring, hailing from the Late Art Deco period, features a yellow gold band topped with platinum, a total of six diamonds, and a beautiful pale blue aquamarine at the center. Pale aquamarine is the universal symbol of youth, but it goes even further than that. Just look at the color. Aquamarine resembles clean water, clear skies, and fresh ice—all aspects of a new beginning, all aspects of the eternal. While this beautiful, pale blue gemstone is a symbol of youth, it is also the symbol of rebirth, purity, and hope. For couples who experience what seems to be a never-ending puppy love phase, who strive to help each other see the goodness in the things around them, and whose love can get each other through the toughest of times, a vintage aquamarine engagement ring represents your relationship to a T.
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Down to the Details

Aside from the heartfelt meaning, aquamarine rings are also prized for their strength, shine, and ability to be cut in many different styles. Because aquamarines are a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale, they are excellent for pieces that will see everyday wear, and though you should still be gentle with all of your jewelry, you don’t really have to hold your breath when you choose a vintage aquamarine engagement ring. It may not seem like such a big deal now, but you’ll grow to cherish that quality more and more over the years as your ring still looks as beautiful as the day you bought it.
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A Subtle Shade

A vintage aquamarine engagement ring is also a great choice for a bride-to-be who wants to embrace a pop of color, but who does not want to stray too far outside of her comfort zone. Let’s face it: while some may embrace a boldly hued engagement ring without a second thought, others are not as ready. Choosing non-traditional, colored gemstones in place of diamonds is a trend that is skyrocketing beyond belief, but every individual is entitled to their cautions. Aquamarine’s pale blue hue is both creative and easy on the eyes—not to mention a great way to dip your toes in the pool. If you have a question about a vintage aquamarine engagement ring in our collection, call, email, or live chat with Trumpet & Horn’s concierge department today! Aquamarine image credit:

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