The Amethyst Engagement Ring: For Women with Royal Leanings

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amethyst engagement ring She has always been the queen of your heart. Why not make her royalty every day of the year with an amethyst engagement ring? This unique choice in ring is sure to stand out from the rest. The majestic purple color pops in contrast to the diamond. The beauty of the gemstone catches the eye, making it an elegant yet bold choice. At Trumpet & Horn, we aim to carry distinctive jewelry that features vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings. Make the amethyst engagement ring even more of an exceptional piece by selecting one of our beautiful, antique ring settings. The history of the amethyst is full of connections to royalty. Kings and queens from Egypt to England have long basked in the gem’s beauty. It is also the birthstone for Pisces and the month of February, as well as the gift for the sixth anniversary of marriage. Purchase your amethyst engagement ring and become a part of these rich traditions. Better yet, create your own meaning around your ring, adding your completely inimitable story to the mix. amethyst engagement ring We specialize in distinctive jewelry. From engagement rings to watches, our creations are one of a kind. Whatever you purchase, know that it is more than a product. Everything in stock already comes with its own history, from period Edwardian and Victorian pieces to vintage-inspired designs. So your retro watch will already be filled with meaning, just waiting for more stories to be adopt. amethyst engagement ring With so many exceptional choices, you will feel free to discover new styles, perhaps even daring to go outside of your comfort zone. Why not make the engagement ring a completely incomparable design that is as incomparable as your love for her? We are proud to be a part of many engagement stories, so much so that we feature our clients’ love stories on our blog. Read through some of the accounts to fill your heart with joy and inspire your tale of love. For the royal woman in your life, start by looking for an amethyst engagement ring that suits her personality and let the romantic story unfold.

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