T&H Couple: Alexandria & Peter

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Welcome to the Trumpet Tribe Alexandria & Peter! Programmer Peter proposed with the STUNNING Charlton ring in one of the MOST creative ways we've heard of yet!! We'll let Alexandria take it from here:
How Peter and I met is a beautiful story I believe, because if we took one step different at any point of our lives - who knows! We met on St. Patrick's Day, and mind you we both currently live in Prague, CZ, but neither of us are from there (I am American and Peter is Austrian). I was hosting a dinner party, and through a mutual friend Peter was invited and showed up just at the end of dinner. Later I kissed him at the bar and told him to pick me up at 6 the next evening for dinner. The rest is history and the excitement has never stopped. Our life together has been a wonderfully wild ride - traveling, making big plans, taking big steps - but it's also very grounding. It's a love in which home and comfort is taken wherever we are. So, how he proposed... Peter left for America the week before I and had a secret meeting with my parents in Baltimore to ask their blessing. Peter is a programmer and over the past three months he had been developing an app for the proposal. On Christmas morning we were opening presents with my family when he gave me a new phone and a card explaining how to download my new app that lets me take care of my favourite animal, an elephant. It took some encouragement to click on the correct mini-game, a quiz, that ultimately asked "Will you marry me?". Peter got down on one knee behind me and asked the big question. I told him the week we met I would marry him today, tomorrow, or yesterday so I am proud to say I now officially get to marry this man.

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