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1.     Her clothing style is:

Eclectic and distinct without being high maintenance. She's always cute, laid back, and a little quirky. She shops at Anthropologie when she's not making her own clothes.

Cute and comfortable. She doesn't usually overthink it. She shops at Gap, Target, and sometimes department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom.

Trendy and edgy. She's always trying new looks, and looks "cool" no matter what she wears. She shops everywhere, especially department stores like Bloomingdales and Saks, or at local high-end boutiques.

Classic and always put together. She likes to dress up and look presentable even when she's just going to the grocery store. She shops at J.Crew & Banana Republic.

2.     Her go-to drink is:

A glass of nice wine or champagne

A beer or glass of wine

Wine from a local winery or a Moscow Mule

A martini, vodka tonic, or a cup of coffee

3.     Her favorite gifts are:

Shoes, concert tickets, or an iPad

Something vintage or handmade, a rare record to add to her collection, or an old school camera

Flowers, jewelry, or a vacation for two

A cooking class, new puppy, or a bicycle

4.     Her ideal dinner date is:

Dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town, preferably one with candles

A themed dinner night with friends, with a movie projected on a screen in the backyard

Making dinner together and watching a movie at home

Dinner at a new restaurant that just opened, and it probably took a month to get in

5.     Which words describe her the best?

Nice, Active, Cute

Carefree, Quirky, Unique

Traditional, Classic, Successful

Individual, Cool, Driven

6.     What does she like to do on the weekends?

Get a manicure/massage, throw dinner parties

Go camping, exercise, take her dog to the park

Shop, read magazines / newspapers, go to a concert or out for drinks

Make something, listen to music, take photos