The Ultimate Vintage Engagement Ring Care Guide

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Congrats to you, newly engaged gal! You might still be reeling in post-engagement bliss, but your ring doesn’t need that much time to accumulate dirt and grime. Gross, right? Not to worry, T&H is here to help you and your ring remains gorgeous until your wedding and beyond! Check our insider tips for engagement ring care and learn the 5 most important times when NOT to wear your ring! 

First off — insurance is your friend. You never know what can happen, and hopefully, you never will. Insurance will help you in the worst-case scenario should your ring become lost, stolen, damaged or go missing. Nobody wants to think about the possibility of losing their ring, but it always feels good to be prepared. One of the best ways to care for your engagement ring is to insure it as soon as it becomes YOURS! Luckily, insurance companies make it really easy to obtain a jewelry policy. If you have an existing homeowner or rental insurance policy, you can chat with your agent about adding coverage for your ring. Alternatively, you can obtain specific jewelry insurance. We highly recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance company. You can obtain a free quote from them via our website at checkout or this link!

Next — Scrub-a-dub dub! You regularly clean your home, car, and clothes; why should your engagement ring care routine be any different? We recommend cleaning your ring around once a week. There are plenty of cleaning methods out there, from using classic soap and water to the hi-tech ultrasonic machines, but our favorite method is a simple jewelry cleaner. We recommend Lavish Jewelry Cleaner which can be purchased on Amazon or in our Los Angeles showroom. The best part? Lavish non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can keep your ring sparkly and free of harmful chemicals. It’s also gentle on all kinds of stones and settings. We often suggest that our customers stay away from those fancy cleaners because they can sometimes damage the ring and loosen stones. A big bummer!

Speaking of things that might damage your ring... Treat your ring like a pair of giant chandelier earrings! You wouldn’t wear them in the shower, to sleep, to yoga, etc. If you are doubting whether or not to wear your ring, the answer is better safe than sorry! Learn when NOT to wear your ring here! We live much more active lifestyles than the previous wearers, so it is important to be mindful. These unique vintage pieces have lasted this long & can absolutely live 100+ more years with a little extra TLC in your engagement ring care routine. That being said, live & love in your ring, it was meant to be worn!

Antique Edwardian Vintage Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Your ring is gorgeous and deserves its own spot! Part of your engagement ring care regimen should be a dedicated special place for your sparkling beauty when it’s not on your hand. Whether it be its own section in your jewelry box or a designated dish on your bedside table, make sure to keep your ring in the same spot whenever it’s not on your finger. Once it’s tucked away safe and sound, make sure it’s not hanging out with any other rings or jewelry. Other stones and metals in close quarters can cause abrasions, so make sure to stow your engagement ring individually.

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