How Can You Tell Something is Vintage?

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Stone Gate | Antique Victorian Ceylon Sapphire diamond halo vintage engagement ring

Dating Antique Jewelry

Each Trumpet & Horn ring includes an estimated date of original manufacture and associated decorative era in its description. These are determined to the best of our ability based on the ring’s materials, methods of manufacturing, overall design, signatures/engravings, lapidary techniques, and technological developments. We have an extensive reference library to categorize and date rings to the best of our ability, but dating and era attributions are not an exact science, as decorative periods often overlap and borrow influences from one another. Based on our knowledge, reference materials, and experience in the vintage/estate industry, each date of original manufacture and decorative period is estimated to the best of our ability, but is not exact or guaranteed unless stated in the official certified appraisal.

Diamond Certification

Most center diamonds over 0.25ct in a Trumpet & Horn ring has been certified by an independent gemological laboratory. Unless stated otherwise, it has been taken out of its setting and examined properly by the lab. By doing this, the carat weight stated for each center stone is exact. However, the weights of most of the diamonds and gemstones surrounding each center stone have been determined while still in the setting in order to preserve the integrity of the ring, and are therefore approximate. If any side stones have known weights, it will be noted in the ring’s description.

Colored Gemstone Certification

If a Trumpet & Horn ring has a precious colored gemstone in the center (instead of a diamond), it may have been removed from the setting (unless otherwise noted) and examined by an independent laboratory to determine if any treatments have been done to enhance color, stability, or clarity. These rings will come with a separate report that states any findings.

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