Vintage Engagement Rings: Explore Your Options

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Old Mine CutYou’ve found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve even picked out the spot where you will pop the question. The only thing missing is the perfect engagement ring. You have heard of the many types: Old Mine Cut engagement rings, classic diamond engagement rings, rings with colored gemstones, and more. But where do you begin your search? How do you learn about your options? Well, the team here at Trumpet & Horn is ready to help. We believe Trumpet & Horn is a wonderful place to shop because of our staggering selection of one-of-a-kind vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings. Choose from a variety of designs to discover classic Edwardian and Art Deco styles, as well as the appeal of Old Mine Cut engagement rings. Make sure your ring is just as special as she is—and just as incomparable. Old Mine CutTypes of Engagement Rings Trumpet & Horn has cultivated a wide-selection of elegant jewelry for our clients. Our engagement rings span many vintage eras and we supplement this collection with some of the finest vintage-inspired jewelry in the industry. To be clear, a vintage piece is genuinely time-tested and was made in an earlier era. A vintage-inspired ring has a classic style recreated in current times using modern day techniques. For instance, our vintage-inspired Old Mine Cut engagement rings incorporate new technology with gems that have a historical design—the old mine cut—to tie together the entire look and create something truly unique. Old Mine CutGive Yourself a Break Is the love of your life a diva who knows what she wants, or more of a girl next door with simpler tastes? Does she prefer big, sparkly diamonds you can’t miss or something that’s a bit subtler? Make the search for your engagement ring a bit easier by taking our engagement ring style quiz. We have formulated this quiz so that those searching for the right ring can give themselves a bit of a break. Rather than doing all of the hard work yourself, gather some insight from those who have been in the business for a long time. Trumpet & Horn has seen many engagement stories. In fact, we have even documented a few of them in our blog. We take pride in the lives we have touched. Whether you select one of our Old Mine Cut engagement rings or another unique style, we are there to help you celebrate your union with a ring that matches your love. Speak with our helpful representatives about the right ring for you and get ready to take the journey of a lifetime with the one you will cherish forever.

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