Vintage in Color: Radiant Engagement Rings with Colored Gemstones

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vintage emerald engagement ringsWe have been specializing in vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings for a number of years. One of the great joys in our business is to help couples find an engagement ring that truly fits their love. An engagement ring is a symbol of affection. If you are open to getting a little creative, the ring can even symbolize the type of love you have for one another. A uniquely shaped jewel can be the perfect match. Maybe your story feels more like a princess cut because the love of your life has always been royalty to you. Or maybe the love you share feels more like an old world romance, making the mine cut diamond a good choice. vintage emerald engagement ringsThere are so many different styles of rings, so do not box yourself into just one. Expand your horizons with our extensive collection. If you have questions, our website features a concierge that can be accessed through a simple instant message box. We also have an engagement ring style quiz to help you find the right type of ring for your love. We are here to help you every step of the way as you settle on your distinctive engagement ring. Another excellent way to step outside of tradition is to go for a colored gemstone. We offer a wide variety of radiant engagement rings with colored gemstones. Some of our most popular engagement rings are vintage emerald engagement rings. If your loved one was born in May, this can be a great choice as emerald is its birthstone. This jewel has long been loved by royalty throughout the world, making it a regal choice for your ring. vintage emerald engagement ringsEmeralds can vary slightly in color, from a yellow-tinted green to blue-green. The higher quality the emerald, the more darker and vivid the green color. This can be tough to distinguish, as sometimes grayish colors are mixed into the stone. Trumpet & Horn can again explain these variations to you so you are sure to get the best out of your purchase. Clarity and treatment of the gem can also change things, so be sure to ask about details in all elements. Speak with one of the our representatives to learn more about vintage emerald engagement rings. Our highly trained specialists can help you separate the gems from one another so you are more knowledgeable about your purchase. This way, you can go in a bit of a different direction with your purchase, but still feel confident that you are selecting a quality product.

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