Why the Opal Engagement Ring Is Skyrocketing in Popularity

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At Trumpet & Horn, we have a vast collection of vintage and vintage inspired jewelry, and while many of our diverse options have been going like hotcakes this year, we’ve noticed a specific rise in popularity among one special stone: the opal. When it comes to the engagement and wedding ring department, choosing a colored gemstone in place of the traditional diamond is becoming a bigger trend each and every year, and the allure of the mystical, effervescent opal engagement ring in particular is skyrocketing beyond belief—and for good reason.
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Unique and Elegant

One reason the opal engagement ring is rising in popularity is because it gives couples the ability to be creative, without the straying too far outside of their comfort zones. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they are very traditional. Sometimes we need a bit of excitement in our lives, a little bit of spontaneity in unexpected places. For the girls who do not want to sacrifice elegance for an air of whimsy, white opal is the best of both. While opals can be bright and bold, there are also modest choices—the most common being a translucent white with multicolored flecks.

The Mysterious Play of Color

When searching for the perfect opal engagement ring, two of the most popular choices consist of either the black or white opal, with fire opals trailing close behind. The reason these two opals are at the top of the list is due to their remarkable play with color. Opals can express every color in the visible spectrum, and often multiple colors will be splayed across a single stone at once, vying for your eye’s attention depending on how you move it. The reason the colors appear to be moving and changing when viewed at different angles is due to the opal’s natural structure. Opals are made up of water and silica, and over the long process of their creation, small chambers and gaps form within the stone itself. When white light waves enter the top, they refract—much like a prism—and bounce around the various gaps, causing the play of color. Each opal is precious, magical, and entirely one-of-a-kind—just like your special someone.

What Opals Represent

While there are still quite a few wives’ tales in circulation today that equate opals with bad luck—mostly due to the wildly misinterpreted novel Anne of Geierstein—most have decided to knock the superstition and embrace the stone. When you get down to the true depths of what the stone represents, it is only positivity. Opal is a stone of confidence, creativity, faithfulness, and self-esteem.
Vintage three stone opal diamond engagement ring piedmont
When you notice your own self-worth, you are open to appreciating the goodness in others. A promise to spend all of your days by their side takes faith and confidence in yourself. A couple that can create together can keep things exciting, vivacious, and alive. Each of these qualities represents what is needed in a budding romance that is ready for the next step, and an opal engagement ring is the perfect piece to set your promise in stone. You, too, can find the perfect opal ring at Trumpet & Horn. Whether you have questions about a specific piece or you’re looking for general guidance, call, email, or live chat with our concierge department today!

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