A Collection of Unique Designs: Vintage Flower Engagement Rings & More

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If you want an engagement ring that is as unique as you are, consider our collection of vintage flower engagement rings! Our vintage flower engagement rings are more than just diamonds and gemstones, they’re one-of-a-kind designs that tell a beautiful story. Each ring is a rare find that has been passed down from generations to generations, and is now available to you. Some date as far back as the 1800s, giving them a rich history. Whether you’re a fan of flowers or feminine design, there is a large collection of unique engagement rings just waiting for you to explore!   Barrington barrington Whimsical flower gems create this delightfully unique Early Victorian era engagement ring. It’s made of platinum topped 18k yellow gold and features a round sapphire gauged at 0.25ct and off set by a beautiful 0.13ct ruby. The flowers grow in opposite directions, and are each gracefully accented with petals and leaves made from fourteen rose cut diamonds that total approximately 0.15ct. Imagine how beautiful it would look with a matching bouquet!   Redlands redlands Redlands is one of our gorgeous vintage flower engagement rings that has the stunning factor of big diamonds, mixed with the whimsical design of a flower. Redlands is an antique Victorian era ring made from platinum topped 14k yellow gold centering a round ruby with a deep red hue. Six sparkling diamonds create a dazzling halo of petals around the center stone, and the 14k split shank adds even more elegance to this antique flower engagement ring.   Central Park central park This beautiful engagement ring resembles a dainty flower that is sure to wow any vintage-loving lady! Central Park is a Victorian era 18k yellow gold ring centering an 1.00ct diamond. The center stone is extremely unique and has inclusions that are visible to the eye, making the ring a fantastic value for its style and age. It is encircled by an unusual combination of six round rubies and six diamonds that create its beautiful floral appearance.   Brooklyn brooklyn Brooklyn is one of our extraordinary vintage flower engagement rings that has the glamour of big diamonds mixed with the unique design of a flower. It’s an authentic Edwardian era diamond ring made from platinum with a flower design enhanced with delicate milgraining that encircles the central diamond. A delicate halo of eighteen diamonds encircle the center design, while its emphasis on lacy filigree make this ring truly one of a kind!

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