ruby accent
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but diamonds and rubies will make a girl fall in love all over again. A match we’re sure was made in heaven, diamond and ruby engagement rings epitomize long-lasting, undying love. Mixing stones can be a risky decision that usually comes with incomparable reward. A splash of ruby red paired with the enduring elegance of a diamond will set your ring apart, while still maintaining a classic look. So what are your options when it comes to diamond and ruby engagement rings? Take a look at some of our favorite vintage and vintage inspired styles that include a wide array of shapes, sizes, settings, and more!
Diamond Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Accent

Sometimes all you need is a little hint of ruby along with your diamonds. Certain beautifully crafted vintage rings feature very intricate and subtle ruby accents. This could be in the form of small rubies surrounding a larger diamond or, like in our Art Deco Era Monument Park ring, a thin halo of calibre cut rubies nestle between a larger triangular cut diamond and a halo of 21 single cut diamonds.
ruby accent

Round Ruby Halo

A halo is a classic way to incorporate a colored gem with a diamond. A single round cut diamond makes a beautiful engagement ring on its own, but surrounding it with a halo of stunning, unique, and eye-catching rubies creates a simple yet show-stopping look.
round ruby halo

Geometric Art Deco

Art Deco is one of our favorite jewelry eras at Trumpet & Horn. Some Art Deco pieces, whether they are jewelry, art, or architecture, are instantly recognizable with bold, geometric designs. Art Deco rings can feature any type of gemstone, but we especially love the contrast of diamond and ruby engagement rings, like in our platinum Silvermine ring.
geometric art deco

Flower Ring

Because rubies are often associated with deep, serious passion, they sometimes need a little lightening up! A flower style ring can really add a sweet touch to rubies, especially when they are paired with glittering diamonds.
Flower Ring

Navette Shape

Navette is a classic engagement ring shape and, if set the right way, can really show off the distinction between rubies and diamonds. Navette shaped rings can come in many different styles, such as our Victorian era Prairie ring which features a natural oval cut ruby surrounded by 16 rose cut diamonds and a yellow gold setting. To see our entire collection of vintage and vintage inspired diamond and ruby engagement rings, visit our selection of ruby products.