The Hidden Meaning Behind Turquoise Engagement Rings

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turquoise engagement ring
Although it may not shine like many gems do, turquoise may just be the most meaningful stone that one can have in an engagement ring. Often associated with the American Southwest, turquoise actually has a rich history that spans across the globe. The instantly recognizable blue-green stone arrived in Europe by way of a trade route through Turkey, giving turquoise its name which means “Turkish Stone.” Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamians, and Chinese, are known to have worn turquoise, as it is one of the oldest documented minerals. Turquoise is used for virtually every type of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, brooches and earrings, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. But when it comes to rings, many associate turquoise with large, baudy, darker statement pieces, and not pretty, delicate engagement rings. Contrary to popular belief, turquoise engagement rings can most certainly take on these traditional characteristics, and the stone itself has a deep meaning behind it that is more than appropriate for the most symbolic of jewelry pieces.

Hidden Meaning

Behind every turquoise stone lies the essence of luck, wealth, and faithfulness, three things that every couple hopes will be a part of their lives together. The most important meaning behind turquoise, when it comes to engagement rings, is a trustworthy relationship. Every marriage must be built on trust, and turquoise engagement rings can signify this trust, and be a constant reminder throughout your marriage.
turquoise engagement ring
Another known meaning behind turquoise is that the stone promotes happiness. Although a marriage has its ups and downs, happiness must always be the overarching theme. There is so much happiness that comes from being married, from the proposal to the wedding, and through all of life’s milestones. However it is through the trials and tribulations that a couple must be reminded of the happiness they share, and turquoise engagement rings can be that reminder.

Turquoise from Trumpet & Horn

Many turquoise stones include dark spots or veins called matrix. These matrix can often be the reason why the stone is not commonly associated with engagement rings. However, it is possible to have a turquoise stone that is free and clear of matrix. These particular stones are often highly prized and can be quite valuable. Such a stone can be seen in our Victorian era Navette style 14k yellow gold Laguna engagement ring, which features a marquise-shaped cabochon turquoise surrounded by 18 Old European Cut diamonds. This gorgeous ring is a perfect example of how all of the significant meaning of turquoise can be used in a charming, elegant engagement ring.

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