vintage opal engagement ring
Choosing the right engagement ring can be one of the most important and difficult decisions in one’s life. Engagement rings are not just another piece of jewelry. These symbolic pieces carry the weight of a relationship’s love and happiness. It has to be perfect and fit the wearer. Engagement rings are worn nearly every day for most of a person’s life, so it has to be just right. A vintage opal engagement ring is a wonderfully unique and versatile choice. With their signature play of color, opals of any variety can symbolize the wearer’s true individuality. There are several different types of opals, all of which look beautiful as an engagement ring. Yet each variation comes with its own specific meaning that can perfectly match its wearer’s personality and charm. Find out what each type of vintage opal engagement ring says about its wearer.

White Opal

Perhaps the most common and popular type of opal, the wearer of a while opal is practical. White opals can seem simple upon first look, but as the stone hits the light, a beautiful rainbow of color becomes visible. The wearer of a white vintage opal engagement ring is hard working and gets all of the important things done and out of the way before the fun begins. But oh, when that fun begins, look out! A white opal wearer may give off a quiet, all-business first impression, but get to know them, and you will be amazed!
Black Opal Ring

Black Opal

Just like the deep, dark color of a black opal, its wearer has undying passion for the world around her. The blue and green play of color featured in a black opal is reminiscent of the ocean, which is fitting for someone who loves every corner of the planet. Not only is a black opal wearer environmentally conscious, they are also very aware of life’s meanings and purposes. The wearer of a black vintage opal engagement ring believes in fate and that everything happens for a reason.
Fire Opal Ring

Fire Opal

Similar to fire itself, a fire opal has a very dynamic and powerful quality to it. Someone who will be wearing this ring for the rest of their life has an equally firey personality. Everyone that ever meets them instantly falls in love with their outgoing and friendly nature. They are easy to talk to and even knowing them for only a short time, they instantly feel like a lifelong friend. Do any of these people sound familiar to you? Get them the perfect vintage opal engagement ring that matches their personality.