What Does Your Favorite Gemstone Say About You?

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If you love jewelry and you’re always on the hunt for a new piece, or if you just love window shopping, then you know that there are many different types of gemstones to choose from. But have you ever stopped to wonder about your favorite gemstones and their meanings? We all have our preferences when it comes to gemstones: some people swear by diamonds, others love a bold pop of color. The reason we flock to a certain gemstone might just have to do with the meaning behind the stone. So, what is the meaning behind your favorite gemstone, and what does it say about you? purple amethyst ringAmethyst: This gorgeous purple stone, as seen in Amelie, is typically associated with spirituality. Those who prefer this gemstone over others often focus on ideas that are more utopian, rather than the black and white of reality. The amethyst is also associated with calm and tranquility. When it comes to gemstones and their meanings, amethyst lovers are often peaceful souls who strive for balance. Aquamarine: This is a stone that represents evenness and tranquility. The color blue in general is associated with calm and serenity, and those who are attracted to this gemstone are often very loyal and easy to get along with. Citrine: The color yellow is tied to feelings of happiness and joy, and orange is known to be admired by people who love fun. It makes sense then that these same qualities are tied to the citrine gemstone. Diamond: You’ll probably be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a diamond! This gemstone represents tradition and quality. Many women prefer a diamond engagement ring, which has become a standard over time because diamonds are of high quality and extremely durable. rectangular cut emerald ringEmerald: When it comes to gemstones and their meanings, security, kindness, a big heart, and a willingness to share advice are associated with those who love emeralds. A traditionally cut emerald, as seen on Delmont, has a large surface area and a focus on clarity. Moonstone: This gemstone has an air of mystery and intrigue, much like those who are drawn to it. While moonstone lovers tend to be a bit indecisive, they know that they love the dreamy qualities of this greyish stone. victorian opal ringOpal: Warmth, charisma, and adaptability are three of the big traits associated with opals. An opal is a great example of how gemstones and their meanings can hold true. If you’ve seen an opal in person, you know that they can change appearance based on lighting, but they always remain beautiful. They truly are adaptable and have an essence about them that wins people over. Just look at Willow Tree! Pearl: Much like many of the people who prefer them, pearls are associated with sensitivity. These natural stones are also associated with innocence and purity, which is why they commonly make an appearance on bridal gowns and jewelry. People with a fondness for pearls tend to be happy with the simple pleasures in life. flower ruby ringRuby: Go big or go home; that’s a pretty common motto among those who appreciate the bold gemstone that is the ruby. Bold, confident, and not afraid of attention are all pretty normal ways to describe the woman who shows off this stone in her rings, earrings, and other favorite pieces. If you need proof, check out Orchard Park Sapphire: Much like their blue hue, these gemstones represent depth and wisdom. Like other blue gemstones, sapphires are believed to represent truth, and serenity.  Thanks in part to both Princess Diana and Kate, sapphires also represent royalty. Turquoise: This stone has always been linked to nature and even healing abilities. One of the oldest gemstones known to man, many believe that turquoise also has protective qualities and will ward off bad spirits. If you love all things turquoise, chances are that you are a loyal friend with a passion for knowledge. So what does your favorite gemstone say about you? Let it do the talking for you. Find your favorite gemstones today at Trumpet & Horn.

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