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Luna is an amazing newly created diamond ring made locally in downtown Los Angeles. The ring centers a truly unique center diamond called the Crown Jubilee®. The diamond is created by an amazingly talented diamond cutter by taking an ordinary Old Mine or Old European Cut diamond and re-fashioning the stone to create the rare Crown Jubilee®. The unusual facet arrangement allows for a greater scintillation and adds much more brilliance to the stone. There are only a handful of Crown Jubilee® diamonds created each year. Luna is designed in 18k yellow gold and centers this diamond accompanied by a GIA certificate stating the 1.24ct Round Novelty Cut diamond is graded N Color and VS1 clarity with "Crown Jubilee®" laser inscribed into the girdle of the diamond. The center diamond is nestled within a four prong 18k yellow gold setting. The feminine setting is further adorned by beautiful floral shoulders studded with an additional fourteen Round Brilliant Cut diamonds totaling exactly 0.07ct in weight. The ring is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized to fit most ring sizes. Please contact our concierge with sizing questions.

style number
Vintage Inspired
Yellow Gold
stone carat
6.53mm x 6.80mm
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There is only one diamond cutter in the world who is able to fashion a Crown Jubilee® diamond from an Old Mine Cut or European Cut diamond. The diamond cutter is very experienced. He has apprenticed and was taught diamond cutting by experts from the “old school” where precision cutting and polishing were done without the aid of any computer generated models or technology. Fashioning a Crown Jubilee® diamond preserves the original outline of the Old Mine or European Cut diamond that was originally cut during the years 1860-1915. No two Crown Jubilee® diamonds are alike. The cutter decides how to re-fashion each diamond on an individual basis with minimal loss. Light bounces off of the crown facets as it enters the diamond, allowing for stunning scintillation. As soon as light “hits” a Crown Jubilee® diamond, the kaleidoscope effect takes over. Unlike every conventional cut diamond which has a table, the Crown Jubilee® does not. Above the girdle, there are two sets of crown facets. The second tier, which are flower facets, meet at the peak. This is mirrored by the pavilion flowered facets and subtle culet. The Crown Jubilee® diamond is the only diamond that has the crown (top) and pavilion (bottom) in perfect harmony.

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