This holiday season we teamed up with Molly My of My Magazine to talk holiday gifting, trends, & of course, rings! Peek her top pics below! 



What is your go-to holiday gift? 

Champagne glasses.​ My parents started collecting ​champagne glasses​ when they got married and I love hearing ​stories of how they accumulate​ ​them, and the occasions th​at they're ​included in are ​always memorable. You can find beautiful sets all over — antique shops, flea markets, even stores like Anthropologie! They can be ​a ​really thoughtful and unique ​gift ​without a huge price tag attached.



What are your top picks under $1,000?​

Rose Gold Huggies, Bottlebrush Earrings, and the Lyon band in rose gold (great for stacking and mixing metals!)



If you could pick one piece from T&H to give as a gift, what would it be? ​​​

A pair of earrings. That's one thing I personally don't buy for myself very often and always enjoy receiving from others. Plus! T&H has beautiful, affordable options​​ from $150 and up!



What is your favorite gem stone?

​That's an easy one — emerald. Which also happens to be my birthstone, but even if it wasn't, I have a feeling I'd still favor it more than others! My living room is a mix of emerald and pink (but mostly emerald), I painted below my staircase emerald, and my bedroom headboard is also emerald. Told ya, I'm obsessed.



What is your New Year’s resolution?

​Resolutions tend to have this stigma that you have to change something about yourself, and while no one is perfect, I find it​'s​ difficult to start fresh in a new year when you're consumed with undoing something! Every year I have the same "resolution" — to keep moving forward and take every day for what it's worth.



Photography by Simply Adri Photo