5 Times You Shouldn't Wear Your Engagement Ring

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1. While you're sleeping …

Metals are malleable, and the weight from your body against your hand re-shapes your ring over time and can loosen stones, which can be a costly fix. Sheets and cottons can also be abrasive on stones and metals over time. Avoid the potential nightmare and leave your ring on the bedside table for the night.

2. When you're working out …

Aside from walking or jogging, you shouldn't wear your ring when you exercise. An elevated body temperature can make your hands swell and can add unwanted pressure to the ring. The constant pressure of lifting weights or pressing your hands against a mat can misshape the metal over time and cause stones to loosen.

3. When you're cleaning …

Organizing closets, clearing garages, and painting walls are all fun weekend activities, but they can all potentially ruin your rings. When it comes to housework, it's better to be safe than sorry.

4. While you're swimming …

Wearing your engagement ring at the pool or in the ocean is a big no-no if you want to maintain the pristine quality of your ring. Harsh pool chemicals and chlorine can strip the metal while salt water can dull the stone's luster. Not to mention your hands can shrink in the cold water and it can slip off! 

5. When you're applying lotions …

Remove your ring while applying lotions and soaps to avoid gritty buildup that can get trapped in metalwork and dull your stones. Play it safe and give your ring a break while lathering up.

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