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Halo, cluster, solitaire -- these words will definitely resonate if you’ve been eyeing engagement rings lately! The variety of engagement ring mountings available out there can seem intimidating, but we’re here to help break it down so you can find the ring of your dreams!

Let’s do a play-by-play of the most popular ring styles out there:


Much like the card game, this ring setting puts the focus on one thing and one thing only -- your gorgeous diamond! A solitaire engagement ring will have one stone that is the focal point of the ring. It’s typically the most common type of engagement ring as it has a simple yet classically elegant feel.


Channel your inner Beyoncé with a halo engagement ring. You can spy a halo ring by the circle of small diamonds surrounding a (slightly larger) center stone. This effect creates a dazzling display whether your halo is diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or a mix! The center stone is then amplified by the surrounding gemstone halo -- sparkles, sparkles, everywhere!

3 Stone

Simply put, if the ring has three stones, it’s a 3 stone! These special stones are typically used to symbolize the past, present, and future of the happy couple. Here generally the center stone is largest and is flanked by two stones of smaller or equal size. If you want to get real sassy, play it up and have some fun with a 3 stone ring by having the two flanking stones be a colored gemstone!


This unique vintage style meaning "little ship" in French takes up a lot of real estate on the finger with its low profile and typically ornate detailing. Navette style was a common Victorian look with a longer and pointer shape filled with a cluster of stones or scrolling metalwork. We love this style for an alternative bridal or right-hand ring look! 


Two ships passing in the night...this mounting involves two ends of a ring twisting around the finger, ultimately bypassing one another. Typically seen with two stones converging or one center stone nestled between the two ends. This style dates back to the Victorian era but was revived in the Retro period!


You don’t need to be good with directions to rock this new engagement ring trend! An east/west engagement ring style is when the center stone is placed horizontally along the band of your engagement ring, vs the typical vertical setting. Thus, the ring is pointing from east to west! This engagement ring style is turning heads lately because of its whimsicality and slightly askew setting, but we love east/west engagement rings all the same!

Regardless of which engagement ring style you rock, as long as it’s true to your own personal style, you can’t go wrong! Happy shopping! Still not sure about style? Take our engagement ring quiz to find the perfect fit! And as always, don't hesitate to ask us your engagement ring style questions! 

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