Modern vs. Antique Halo Engagement Rings

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Halo engagement rings are a very popular choice among brides today, which is not surprising considering the style has been around for centuries. Trumpet & Horn has a selection of beautiful antique halo engagement rings that are reflections of the eras from which they originate. While the idea behind the halo ring is consistent, styles and characteristics have shifted over the years as trends have come and gone.

Delve into Vintage

The phrase “they just don’t make them like they used to” definitely applies here, not to say that modern day halo engagement rings are any less beautiful or remarkable, because they certainly can be. But vintage halo engagement rings exude an air of elegance and romanticism.

Many modern day halo engagement rings primarily feature diamonds; a center diamond stone surrounded by smaller diamonds in a white gold or platinum setting. The cushion cut is a square shape featured in many antique halo engagement rings. This cut is similar to the princess cut, which is very popular for modern day engagement stones and was really perfected in the mid to late 20th century.

A Hint of Victorian Charm


Granada is from the late 19th century and exemplifies the Victorian era. This halo engagement ring resembles a flower, which is common for pieces from the period. Nature inspired jewelry was very popular in the mid to late 1800s, and floral and animal pieces were among some of the most seen designs.

Rather than being surrounded by many smaller diamonds, the center stone is encircled by rather large diamonds, making the supporting cast just as stunning and attention grabbing as the leading character. Another great touch to Granada is the band, which is 14k yellow gold rather than white gold. Paired with the tapering in the center, the gold really brings out the shimmer of the center diamond and halo.

Revel in Colored Stones

Antique halo engagement rings aren’t biased when it comes to the center stone. A modern day halo is often centered around a diamond, but other gemstones were very popular in the 1800s. It is said that Queen Victoria’s husband loved opal, making it common to see in Victorian era jewelry.

Opal Halo

Cinque Terre features an absolutely stunning cabochon opal with a rainbow of glittering colors. The center oval is surrounded by 12 round diamonds and a detailed gold band. This antique ring proves that you don’t necessarily need more stones in a band to make an engagement ring shine.

Colored stones are also a fairly frequent detail feature in antique halo engagement rings. While modern rings are embracing the colored gemstone trend, this isn’t as common with engagement rings, particularly halo rings.

Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney features a prominent Persian turquoise surrounded by diamonds and is set on a rose gold band. Lots of colors and elements work together to create an unusual, yet cohesive look.


Up front and center in Bonaparte is a stunning sapphire surrounded by milgrain detailing. This halo is very unique, in that it doesn’t take on the same shape as the center stone and there are some gaps between the two. It is an incredible design featuring eighteen diamonds in a laurel halo.

It is safe to say that halo engagement rings will continue to be favorites among brides-to-be. Antique halo engagement rings offer not only the halo style, but a one of a kind ring with an interesting story attached. Whether you choose a modern halo ring or an antique halo ring, the important thing is that you find a ring you love. To view more vintage and vintage inspired halo rings from Trumpet & Horn click here.

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