about opalsvintage opal ringvintage fire opal ringvintage opal ring   October is here, which means FALL is officially in full swing... or at least, it should be. Here in Los Angeles, we're continuing to melt under the heat of yet another Indian Summer - can it be time for sweaters & warm pumpkin-flavored treats already?! Luckily for us, October's birthstone is the opal, which is fantastically versatile. Opals typically contain a "play of color" that flashes when light hits the stone. For this reason, opals perfectly embody this shift in season - from the cool green & blue hues of summer's end to the warm red & orange of fallen leaves.   While the majority of opals are mined in Australia today, folklore surrounding the stone has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave the wearer the ability to see into the future. In Roman times, opals were thought to provide protection and hope, and ward off disease. Even Cleopatra is believed to have worn an opal in her headdress to attract the attention of Marc Antony.   Opals are as delicate as the season's signature crunchy leaves, so it's very important to take extra care of your opal if you're lucky enough to wear one! Opals are made up of anywhere from about 3%-30% water, and the higher the water content, the higher the chance of the stone becoming damaged. That said, we definitely recommend removing your vintage opal ring before carving pumpkins or taking part in your family's annual Thanksgiving football game!   At Trumpet & Horn, we are thrilled to carry a wide selection of vintage opals. The stunning Maple Grove vintage opal ring contains just a hint of autumnal orange, while our Verbena fire opal ring echoes the changing trees with its fiery hue. To see more of our fabulous opal offerings, click here!   Photos from: The Kitchen, HD Wallpaper Cool, Vinegar Volcanoes, Opalinda