Earth Day: Today and Every Day!

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Earth Day 2020 is already upon us friends!

As we get ready to celebrate our beautiful Planet Earth this year, we are all watching fresh spring days pass by as we stay inside our homes doing our part to help quash the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  If you’re like us, helping the earth's inhabitants survive a pandemic with strength and grace is very much a part of who we are today and every day.  

Going Green all year long is about being more conscious about our every day choices.

When you are ready to select your ideal engagement ring, buying vintage jewelry is an amazing way to be Earth-friendly while wearing gorgeous gems!  When you choose vintage, it ensures that not only your stones were mined before conflict mining, but you're helping us recycle these beautiful pieces by breathing new life into them. We are all about recycling and saving what we can. We'll break down pieces, find what is salvageable and replace stones of the same era to keep that vintage vibe we all adore! By repurposing stones that already exist, we help lower demand for a newly mined stone and keep Mama Earth clean as a whistle! 

Groveland is a spectacular and authentically vintage Art Deco (circa 1925) platinum and diamond engagement ring.

If you own vintage jewelry, don’t worry. Those beauties are most likely conflict-free as well as conflict mining methods were introduced in the 1970s. Sadly, conflict mining still exists today and the modern diamond market encourages shoppers to purchase a new sparkler rather than a vintage diamond engagement ring. It’s a no brainer -- vintage and conflict-free gemstones are truly one of the best ways to purchase jewelry ethically and with peace of mind. 

You might be looking at our Vintage Inspired collection and wondering just how eco-conscious those newly made beauties are...but rest assured! We only use recycled gems and metals in our Vintage Inspired pieces. Our Founder and lead gemologist Jerry sifts through piles of gold to pick out stones from vintage watches, brooches, and earrings...anything we can salvage! These are what we use for side stones in our Vintage Inspired pieces and replicas. And what happens to the giant pile of gold? It is melted down here in Los Angeles and recycled into new pieces! 

Tulum is a timeless and beautiful newly-made diamond solitaire engagement ring crafted locally in downtown Los Angeles.

Once the gold is melted, each piece is artfully handcrafted by our master jeweler right here in downtown Los Angeles. Our Vintage Inspired jewelry is ethical, super kind to the environment, and brings new life to metals and gemstones that already exist. What could be better than that!?

Seabreeze $23,650.00    Seabreeze is a magnificent vintage 18k yellow gold engagement ring originally designed in the 1980's. Signed by French designer M. Gerard.

Today (and every day), don’t forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Because beautiful diamonds and gemstones can be reused and recycled in beautiful ways that benefit everyone, especially Mother Earth.

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