3 Art Deco Diamond Rings & the Silent Screen Sirens They Resemble

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The Art Deco period refers to the nearly two decades between 1918 and 1935, when industrialization was becoming popular and technological advances were booming. Diamonds, platinum, geometric shapes, linear design—these are just a few of the elements that stand out in jewelry from the Art Deco period, making it frequently sought after by jewelry lovers and collectors.

Some of our favorite pieces from this period are our Art Deco diamond rings, which we carry a wide variety of. Each of these rings is true to the time period, but also unique and full of personality. In fact, it’s hard to look at some of these rings and not think of the captivating silent screen stars of the same era.

Three actresses, each a legend in their own right, easily spring to mind when thinking about the silent films of the 1920s and 30s: Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, and Clara Bow.

carlwood and gish carl wood


Carolwood and Gish: Instant Classics

Lillian Gish debuted in her first film in 1912 and was an instant a star as she won the adoration of America. She not only appeared in numerous silent films, including the classic The Birth of a Nation, but was also a successful theater actress. Like Gish, the Carolwood is a classic. One of our platinum Art Deco diamond rings, it was made during the height of Lillian Gish’s career around 1925 and includes twelve single cut diamonds surrounding the center stone, weighing close to .30ct. But, similar to Lillian Gish, the center diamond is the star that demands attention.

art deco european cut mary pickford


You can’t keep your eyes off of the 0.54ct old European cut stone.

Island Falls Meets Mary Pickford

Island Falls is one of our most simple, yet elegant and all around endearing Art Deco diamond rings; a description fitting of Mary Pickford. Pickford is quite possibly the most well known silent screen actress, starting her career as a child and growing up to be America’s Sweetheart. Island Falls is the sweetheart of Art Deco diamond rings, incorporating numerous shapes while remaining clean and simple. The 0.40ct center stone is perfectly capable of holding its own, but stands out that much more with a supporting cast of 0.15ct single cut diamonds. 

art deco diamond ring clara bow


Clara Bow was larger than life. The inspiration for the term “It Girl,” she was the star of the silent film scene and a symbol of the roaring twenties. She was bold, hard-working, and sexy. Because of this, the Warrenton is a perfect representation of Ms. Bow. This Art Deco diamond ring is large indeed, with a 1.21ct certified old European cut center diamond in between two marquise diamonds, all of which are surrounded by even more diamonds. The Warrenton is sure to make its owner the new It Girl.

The phrase “silent film siren” brings to mind women who were fashionable, elegant, classic, and stars of their era. The same is true for our collection of Art Deco diamond rings. Each beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece is true to the time period and worthy of admiration.

Learn more about Carolwood, Island Falls, and Warrenton, plus many other rings, with Art Deco designs here

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