Does your special lady live every day as if it were a fantastic party? Is she a fan of jewelry that is as bold and opulent as she is? If so, you should definitely take a look at our art deco engagement rings that are making a huge comeback in popularity! Influenced by the geometric shapes and brilliantly bold colors of the Art Deco period, these vintage rings are sure make a statement that is loud and clear: "She's the one."  Take a look at these stunning pieces and decide which vintage Art Deco ring is the perfect fit. Each piece is a rare, beautiful, one of a kind find, just like your future fiancé. The Classic Carolwood classic carolwood Crisp, geometric lines create an attractive box setting for the center diamond in this stunning Art Deco piece from the 1920s. The geometric design continues down the shoulders of the center diamond with twelve single cut diamonds set in size descending rectangles on either side of the center stone. It is a prime example of the uprise of technology and new metals in the Art Deco era. Carolwood is made from platinum centering a 0.54ct old European cut diamond. It is definitely one of our art deco engagement rings that is truly one of a kind. stunning innsbrook rings The Stunning Innsbrook Boldness is definitely the design theme for this stunning vintage ring. Made in the 1980s, it beautifully takes design cues from the Art Deco era with a modern twist. The Innsbrook is made from 18k yellow gold centering an oval diamond. It is flanked by two symmetrical brilliant blue pear-shaped sapphires that will make you do a double take. It definitely exemplifies the bold colors and shapes of the Art Deco era, and is perfect for the woman who wants something that really stands out and makes a statement. romantica marietta The Romantic Marietta  Pretty with its bright pink sapphire stone, the romantic Marietta engagement ring is an authentic Art Deco piece from the 1920s. A platinum geometric box sets the main attraction, which is further embellished with elaborate motifs and eight diamonds on either side. It's definitely one of our Art Deco engagement rings that makes a bold yet sweet statement, and is incredibly romantic. More Art Deco Engagement Rings At Trumpet & Horn, our passion is finding the perfect antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings, especially from the Art Deco era! We have many unique, one of a kind pieces that we're dedicated to sharing with you! We're sure you'll find something you love, and are always happy to be on the lookout for the perfect vintage Art Deco engagement rings for you if you have something in mind!