What Kind of Girl Are You: Edwardian

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Edwardian Era The Edwardian era overlapped the Art Nouveau period, beginning in 1901 when Queen Victoria’s son Edward took the throne of England, and ending in 1914 with the beginning of World War I. Advances in metal fabrication finally allowed for the use of platinum in jewelry, enabling designs to become much more detailed and intricate than previous eras.   Your Inspiration: Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic   How to Know if your type is Edwardian: 1. You like bling. Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds are typical of Edwardian rings. The more diamonds used in a single design, the better. Nothing wrong with that. 2. You would describe your style as feminine and elegant. The Edwardian era was the last time period that women wore corsets daily. Elegance was still a central factor in women’s fashions during the time, although the emerging popularity of leisure sports prompted the emergence of more flexible clothing styles for women. 3. Your favorite color is white. Lacy, airy, and white describes typical edwardian fashion. Platinum and diamond stunners with a lacy filigree setting would compliment your aesthetic perfectly. 4. You live for long summer afternoons and garden parties. Ah, the good life. You and your ring would love to spend a golden summer basking in the sun, sipping white wine, and playing tennis. 5. You love elite fashion houses. Kind Edward was the leader of the fashionable elite in his time. Whether or not you’re that into fashion yourself, you have tremendous respect for fashion’s elite designers and typically buy them whenever you can. Edwardian Engagement Ring Edwardian Style Edwardian Engagement Ring Edwardian Engagement RingEdwardian Engagement Ring Images from top to bottom, left to right: Kate Winslet as Rose from All Movie Photo, Mulberry Edwardian Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn, Kate Winslet as Rose from Daily Mail,  Edwardian Interior from Le Temps de Cerises, Lily Elsie Portrait from National Portrait Gallery,  Cadwell Edwardian Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn, Dawson Edwardian Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn, Salemburg Edwardian Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn    

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