What Kind of Girl Are You: Retro

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retro era engagement ring Jewelry design regained speed in the late 1930’s after the U.S. began its recovery from the Great Depression. From 1935-1950, Hollywood and all its glamour became the influence of Retro jewelry. It is easily identifiable by the use of bright, highly polished gold. The designs are typically big, bold, and three dimensional.   Your Inspiration: Madonna as Eva Perón in Evita   How to Know if your type is Retro: 1. Bigger is better. You’d love to have a BIG Round Brilliant cut diamond, baguette diamonds, a big floral setting, and throw in a diamond band as well because, heck, why not? 2. You love Old Hollywood glamour. You love old-school actresses like Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, and Judy Garland. The Wizard of Oz is probably one of your all-time favorite movies. 3. More color, please! The great depression was a dark, dreary time. World War II was even worse. In the brief time women had between these two major events in history, women longed for bigger jewelry and brighter dresses. 4. You’re no stranger to hard times. You know how to be careful with your money out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean you’re not secretly wishing for things that are bigger, better, and bolder. 5. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. Women’s roles in society were still changing rapidly during this part of the century. Women got involved in a big way - there’s a reason Rosie the Riveter is still a strong cultural icon even today.     vintage engagement ring retro era vintage engagement ring hazel retro engagement ring tiffany flower pin ringsiera retro vintage engagement ring Images from top to bottom, left to right: Madonna as Evita from Hairdresser on Fire, Belvedere Retro Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn, Vogue Cover August 1940 from Classiq, Vintage 1940's Fashion from Isa Hershey, 1940's Glamour from Melanie Roberts, Hazel Retro Engagement Ring Set from Trumpet & Horn, Vintage Tiffany & Co. Retro Flower Pin from Trumpet & Horn, Sierra Retro Engagement Ring from Trumpet & Horn  

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