Are you planning a proposal? The Art Deco period, which took place in the 1920s and 30s, gave us an abundance of beautiful rings to choose from.

If you’re looking for an Art Deco ring for the woman in your life, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at all of the amazing choices within the collection of vintage Art Deco engagement rings here at Trumpet & Horn. Luckily, we’ve created a new personality quiz to help you choose the perfect ring for her.

How Would You Describe Her Personal Sense of Style?

A. Bohemian. She likes flowing skirts, peasant blouses, jeans, and t shirts. She prefers to be comfortable and relaxed while still maintaining a feminine look.

B. Flashy. She’s a fan of diamonds and other bling, and when it comes to designer clothes, she prefers the most luxurious brands.

C. Feminine. Sundresses are her go-to item for warm weather, and she will always choose a pretty pair of heels over comfortable tennis shoes.

D. Modern. She isn’t afraid to take chances with her personal style. She can always be found sporting the latest runway looks, even if they haven’t hit the mainstream yet. Her friends look to her for fashion tips.

Where Does She Like to Go Out to Eat?

A. Somewhere with plenty of vegetarian options. She prefers restaurants that are conscious of the environment and aim to serve food that is good for both people and the planet.

B. The most luxurious restaurant in town. If you need reservations to get in, she will likely love it!

C. The little mom-and-pop Italian place where the two of you shared your first date.

D. Hip places with an interesting theme, such as those that mix dining with performance art.

What Is Her Favorite Television Show?

A. Nature shows. If it’s about animals or the environment, she’s into it.

B. Downton Abbey. She loves the fancy dresses and high-class lifestyle.

C. The Bachelor. Sure, it’s silly, but those tear-jerking proposals get her every time.

D. The 100. She can’t get enough of the futuristic world, despite how dystopian it might be.

The Results

If you chose mostly A:

Your girl is a free spirit with a positive attitude and an appreciation of the natural side of life. She will mostly likely love vintage Art Deco engagement rings that offer a different sort of beauty, such as Canoe Hill. This ring features an amazing 4.23 carat opal in a blue and green shade that is reminiscent of the sea.  It will be the perfect for the lady with a whimsical way of life.

vintage art deco engagement ring

If you chose mostly B:

Your girl enjoys a life of luxury and deserves to be pampered like the princess that she is. She will love showing off Regent Park, one of our most beautiful vintage Art Deco engagement rings. This classic platinum ring features a gorgeous diamond in an old European cut. This ring is beyond luxurious. It’s a statement piece that will be noticed by everyone.

vintage art deco engagement ring

If you chose mostly C:

You’ve found an old-fashioned lady with a love of classic romance, and Charleston, one of our classic vintage Art Deco engagement rings, will be a perfect choice for her! You can’t go wrong with a European cut diamond with H color and Sl1 clarity. She will love it almost as much as she loves you!

vintage art deco engagement ring

If you chose mostly D:

Your love is a modern woman who isn’t afraid to take chances. She marches to the beat of her own drummer—or rather, the drummer that everyone else will soon be marching to. If the love of your life is a trendsetter, she’ll adore the curving, futuristic look of Maple Hill. It features two sparkling rows of diamonds in an elegant curved design, symbolizing your two lives joining as one. Of all the vintage Art Deco engagement rings in our collection, this one most likely to change the definition of a “romantic ring.”

vintage art deco engagement ring

Trumpet & Horn: Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings for Every Personality

If your lady doesn’t seem to fit into any of these categories, and you need help choosing a ring that will match her personality, please contact us today. We can’t wait to help!