3 Simple Vintage Engagement Rings Under $1500

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You’re probably familiar with the phrase “bigger is better,” but that isn’t always true. In fact, it is more of a personal preference, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Sometimes less is more, which is why we are featuring three simple vintage engagement rings. For some women, a large stone is an overstatement, or a band with a lot of detailing is too much. You often hear the words simple and elegant in the same sentence, and that is because they go hand in hand. Another benefit of a simpler ring can be the price range. It is no secret that bigger diamonds and other gemstones can be more expensive. Scaling back on the size or amount of diamonds in an engagement ring doesn’t make it any less beautiful or meaningful. Admire Stunning Simplicity Rockwell It is possible to find beautiful simple vintage engagement rings without the hefty price tag: enter Rockwell. This classic ring is from the Edwardian period and is perfect for the gold lover. The band is solid 18k gold and holds a cushion diamond in the center. Rockwell is great for a woman who appreciates vintage jewelry, not only because of its looks, but because of the story behind the piece. This particular ring features an engraving that reads “EW to RP 1917.”  Get a ring and a piece of history for only $675. Abbotsford For the woman who loves a bit of color, Abbotsford is a perfect match. This 14k yellow gold ring is one of the finest simple vintage engagement rings, featuring a slightly detailed band that is highlighted by its three center stones; a central pink hued ruby with a diamond on either side. Abbotsford is an authentic Victorian era ring and was made around 1880. Because the ring comes from an early period, it is also considered an antique. If you purchase Abbotsford you get the best of both worlds: an authentic, beautiful antique ring and an affordable price of only $1,500. Red Springs Elegance frequently comes to mind when thinking of jewelry or fashion with a simple design, but unique might not. However, simple vintage engagement rings can be unique. Red Springs is a perfect example because of its design elements and thoughtful detailing. This ring is from the Art Deco period which spans from 1920 to 1935, and is famous for its geometric shapes, parallel lines, and symmetry. The round diamond is surrounded by an 18k white gold square and a band with delicate hand engraved work. Red Springs is available now for $1,150. Find a Ring You Love Trumpet & Horn carries the finest vintage jewelry, selected to appeal to a variety of collectors and enthusiasts. Simple vintage engagement rings are lovely without being too over the top and might be just the thing you or your bride has in mind.

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