3 Stunning White Gold Vintage Engagement Rings

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When you’re choosing an engagement ring, you’re choosing a piece of jewelry that will be worn forever as a symbol of your relationship. This means that you want to find a piece of jewelry that’s versatile enough to go with everything and strong enough to endure the test of time. For these reasons, white gold has emerged as the most popular band choice for engagement rings. White Gold: What You Need to Know Gold is naturally yellow, but in order to be durable enough to hold up throughout the life of a piece of jewelry, it gets mixed with other metals to create a stronger alloy. When mixed with certain metals, like rhodium and palladium, the gold color fades out to create the beautiful silver known as white gold. White gold became popular for making engagement rings during the first half of the 20th century, as metalworking techniques for this process became more sophisticated. This is why there are so many beautiful white gold vintage engagement rings in our collection. White gold is loved for its ability to highlight the pure brilliance of diamonds, as well as bring out the color of alternative stones. Like other metals used in engagement rings, it also has a special symbolic meaning: friendship. While it’s easy to stress the romance and passion in the moment when you’re getting engaged, this symbolism is really special, since a good friendship is the core of a strong marriage. On the Hunt for Stunning White Gold Vintage Engagement Rings If you’re one of the many who love both white gold and vintage style, each one of these beautiful white gold vintage engagement rings is sure to impress:
  • Sierra: Bringing a touch of 1940s glamour, the Sierra features three stunning diamonds illusion set in a white gold band. The Sierra’s band and setting have a slightly warmer color than your typical silvery white gold band, creating a one-of-a-kind vintage look.
graham ring
  • Graham: Featuring the bold geometry and clean lines that are typical of the Art Deco style, this engagement ring is ideal for a bold woman who knows what she wants. The stepped white gold setting gives this ring a unique look that stands out while still reflecting classic engagement ring style.
arlington ring
  • Arlington: Hailing from the 1950s, this delicate diamond ring is a true classic. Featuring a brilliant white gold band, a transitional cut center stone, and pave diamond accents, it’s the perfect piece for a bride-to-be who loves traditional vintage style. It’s a versatile ring that will go with any style and personality.
At Trumpet & Horn, vintage and antique jewelry are our passions. We scour the world for the most beautiful fine jewelry pieces we can find, from white gold vintage engagement rings to elegant antique pendants. Whether you’re getting engaged or celebrating a love that’s lasted a lifetime, shop our full collection for one-of-a-kind gifts that commemorate the moment.

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