3 Unique Flower Engagement Rings for the Creative Bride-to-Be

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If you’re browsing our blog, chances are a bride-to-be, or you are getting ready to pop the big question that will eventually make her a Mrs. Whatever the scenario is, the search has begun for the perfect ring to transition into an engaged couple, and that ring might just be one of our unique flower engagement rings. There are many things to keep in mind as you start or continue your search for a vintage engagement ring, but knowing whether you want a more traditional ring or something a bit more ecclectic can be a good starting point. If the latter is the case, than you should definitely check out some of our flower engagement rings.

Flowers are often associated with romance and love, which are two perfect things to be reflected in an engagement ring. Unlike the traditional bouquet, a flower ring will never wilt or lose its beauty. It will continue to shimmer and shine throughout the years and remain a wonderful symbol of your commitment.

Unique flower engagement rings are not only a step away from many traditional engagement rings, but each one is special in its own right. Flower rings can come from various eras, feature a variety of stones and metals, and range from simple to extravagant.

Around the Victorian era, nature-inspired jewelry was extremely popular and many pieces featured elements from the outdoors like animals, plants, and, of course, flowers. Birthstones were increasingly popular due to the fact the Queen Victoria herself wore an emerald in her own engagement ring. Holding true to aspects from the Victorian era is Barrington, the first of three unique flower engagement rings featured in this post.



This enchanting ring features a sapphire, ruby, and multiple diamonds. Trying to pick a favorite stone in this ring is nearly impossible; just when you think you have, you fall in love with another. The colorful stones definitely stand out in Barrington, forming two different flowers that bloom in opposite directions from the center. The petals and leaves made of Rose Cut diamonds, as well as the platinum topped 18k gold band, make this ring an all around stunner.



If you love bright colors and sparkling diamonds, many of the unique flower engagement rings available at Trumpet & Horn feature both, like Holden. In fact, the alternating halos of green demantoid garnet and old European cut diamonds complement each other; the green appears brighter and the diamonds seem to sparkle more. Similar to Barrington, the gorgeous Holden is also from the Victorian era and is very endearing. While some pieces from the Victorian era are dark and earthy, this piece is exceptionally bright.



Take all of your preconceived notions of flower rings and push them aside for Wilshire. This beautifully detailed ring comes from the early Victorian period. The flower shape is actually in the open metal work, whereas many flower rings use colored and rounded gemstones to convey a floral design. Six petals surround a stunning solitaire diamond. The detailing continues with a lace pattern surrounding the center flower and a criss-cross black enamel striping.

There are so many options when it comes to unique flower engagement rings, you are sure to find a piece that matches your personality, or the personality of your bride-to-be. Flower rings are a great option for a woman that is fun, creative, and aims for something less traditional. View more information about the flower rings featured here and see more options at Trumpet & Horn.

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