4 Platinum Engagement Rings we Love

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As you prepare to make the commitment of a lifetime, we know you’re in search of the perfect ring. This can be daunting because there are so many choices. Princess Cut diamond or Round Cut diamond? Vintage or contemporary? Classic diamond or alternative stone? Gold or platinum? We are, of course, partial to vintage and antique style, but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to stone, cut, and style. We want to help you out by explaining certain aspects of our favorite rings and why they matter. Today, we’re focusing on platinum vintage engagement rings. Platinum: A Band Like No Other Platinum is one of the most popular choices for engagement ring bands because it is a pure, strong, and durable metal. It holds up to the wear and tear of everyday life better than gold does because of its higher density. Its pure white color allows the stones on your ring to truly shine on their own. For people who have sensitive skin or allergies, platinum is sometimes the only band choice because it is naturally hypoallergenic. Most platinum vintage engagement rings are from the early 20th century or later, because it wasn’t until then that metal work techniques became sophisticated enough to work with this metal. However, you’ll notice an absence of platinum rings during the Retro period of the 1940s, as platinum was dedicated solely to wartime efforts. Choose the Perfect Platinum Engagement Ring Even if you’re sure that you want a platinum band, there are still a wide variety of styles available. These are a few of our favorites:
  • Cumberland: This gorgeous Art Deco engagement ring with a Round Brilliant Cut center stone is accented with beautiful baguette side stones. The cool color of the platinum band brings out the diamond’s inner fire. This elegant look will be treasured by any bride to be.
sullivan's island ring
  • Sullivan’s Island: There’s no more classic engagement ring look the diamond solitaire, and this Art Deco era solitaire uses its platinum setting to offset its beautiful center stone, complete with ridged shoulders to draw the eye in.
  • Pomona: An early platinum ring from the Edwardian era, this gorgeous ring features a round center stone surrounded by twelve single cut diamonds for extra sparkle. The cool platinum, with its delicate filagree, makes the thirteen diamonds shine.
queens park ring
  • Queen’s Park: This stunning Edwardian era engagement ring uses its platinum setting to offset the unbelievable brilliance of the Round Brilliant Cut diamond at its center. The platinum shank adds even more dazzling detail to the ring with its hand-made filigree and single cut accent diamonds.
At Trumpet & Horn, platinum vintage engagement rings are just the beginning. Shop our full collection of engagement rings to find the perfect piece to commemorate the journey of a lifetime.

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