If you are the type of woman who has an eclectic sense of style and loves things that are anything but traditional, bohemian-style engagement rings are an excellent option for you. Diamond solitaires and brilliant cuts are gorgeous, but if you know that you would prefer something a bit different with a lot of personality, then the following rings, or ones of a similar style, are the way to go. opal and ruby ringWentworth This unique ring offers not one, but three beautiful colored gemstones all in one place. Wentworth features a cabochon white opal in the center, which has hues of both white and blue. Flanked on both sides of the opal are two gorgeous deep red rubies. The red of these gemstones is complemented by the 14k gold band. The mix of yellow gold, rubies, and opal is striking and simple all at the same time, making this a winner among bohemian-style engagement rings. round ring with garnet Victoria Falls Be one with nature when wearing Victoria Falls. This glamorous floral ring lets you have the best of both worlds: the traditional diamonds typically found in an engagement ring, plus a colorful gemstone with a unique design. The diamonds make up the petals of the flower and the center is a bright green Demantoid Garnet. This Victorian era ring has been around for nearly 140 years, so it has plenty of character and a long story to add, too. victorian ring with pink ruby Abbotsford Another ring from the Victorian era with a lot of history is Abbotsford. One of our bohemian-style engagement rings from the 1880s, Abbotsford has been extremely well taken care of and is ready to find its next chapter. This yellow gold ring has a small amount of detailing on the shoulders of the band for a simple, yet unique touch. The oval ruby is big enough to make a statement without being overwhelming, and it is enhanced by the diamonds on both sides. white gold fire opal ringHarbor Island The Bohemian style is about following your own set of rules and being comfortable with yourself both inside and out. Classic aesthetic staples include floral prints, a bold natural color palette, and plenty of flowy clothing items. Naturally, our bohemian-style engagement rings tend to fall in line with these characteristics—just look at Harbor Island. This ring is designed to look like a flower, with a halo of ten diamonds as its dazzling petals. In the center of Harbor Island is an opal with hues of orange and yellow that resemble a gorgeous setting sun. If you love nature and flowers, then this is a fabulous option for your engagement ring. bohemian style engagement rings Redbridge If you want something truly unconventional, Redbridge fits the bill. This Victorian-era ring is constructed from 14k yellow and rose gold, which are the only traditional aspects of it. Redbridge is one of the bohemian-style engagement rings most inspired by nature, as its band takes the form of a snake. The serpent’s body coils around the wearer’s finger in a charming manner and the head features a small but beautiful ruby. For Queen Victoria, the snake represented an endless love, and Redbridge would be a great way to showcase your love story. Show off your personality and your unique story with a bohemian engagement ring. Wentworth, Victoria Falls, Abbotsford, Harbor Island, and Redbridge are wonderful examples of how nuanced and charming this style of ring can be. Find your unique bohemian-style ring today at Trumpet & Horn.