creative ring designs Always looking for something left of center, appreciative of items that are very original, and a follower of your own path; if any of these descriptions sound like you or someone you know, then creative ring designs are probably the way to go! Skip the trends and go for an unusual, one-of-a-kind ring. While the rings featured in this post have some traditional elements that are true to their era of creation, they still tend to vary from what is now considered traditional. They even differ from the majority of rings that were made around the same time. Features that appear in rings from the twenty first century like diamonds, platinum, and yellow or white gold can still be found in these creative rings, but their use is much more outside of the box, making them perfect for the artistic kind of gal.   Wheat Ridge Wheat Ridge Creative Ring Wheat Ridge comes from the Retro era and is believed to have been made in the 1940s. Creative ring designs follow no specific rules, which is what makes them so unique. Wheat Ridge features multiple types of gold. The band and shoulders are constructed from yellow gold while the square in the center is made of white gold. Within the white gold square sit four smaller squares, each filled with a Single Cut diamond. In the center of the ring a round diamond. Additional open metal work on the shoulders of Wheat Ridge really separate this ring from the pack. Cranston Cranston creative ring Rose gold rings are no anomaly, but they also aren’t as popular as other types of gold or metals. This makes rose gold a good option for creative ring designs like Cranston. This Victorian era ring centers around an intriguing cameo; rather than just the face, the cameo includes the entire body of a woman. Additional detailing on the band makes Cranston stand out and also puts it on our list of artistic rings. Boca Grande Boca Grande Creative Ring The Edwardian period is known for pieces that are romantic in nature, which is exactly how we would describe Boca Grande. The delicate engraving and filigree in the platinum band make this ring pop and perfectly surround the round diamond in the center. Within the platinum’s gorgeous detailing are six additional diamonds which puts the sparkle level in Boca Grande over the top and lands the ring in this list of creative ring designs. While this beauty includes platinum and diamonds, it is far from the rings you would find today. Twin Bridge Twin Bridge Creative ring If you love diamonds, then Twin Bridge is the ring for you. This bombe-style ring has 43 Round Cut diamonds that cover the entire center of the ring. To draw the eyes in even more and add some color to this ring, a row of emeralds sits above and below the row of diamonds. With nine bright green emeralds in both the top and bottom rows, Twin Bridge includes 18 emeralds total. For even more sparkle, a Marquise Cut diamond sits at the start of both emerald rows. Lost Creek Lost Creek Creative Ring When it comes to creative ring designs, opals are the perfect stone to include. Their ability to change appearance with the light makes them magical and a great addition to an artistic style ring. While Lost Creek could get by with just the center white opal that measures almost 12 millimeters, it doesn’t have to. This show-stopping ring also includes a halo of 18 smaller opals. The yellow gold band includes shoulder detailing and the top layer of the band even appears to point repeatedly to the center opal. This ring measures as big in personality as it does in actual size, so be prepared to turn some heads if you bring Lost Creek home. Find Your Creative Ring at Trumpet & Horn Whether you are looking for creative ring designs or something more traditional, Trumpet & Horn has you covered. Find the perfect ring for your unique personality.