Rings with blue stones perfectly align with the old saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This is more than just a saying: it is a tradition that has stood the test of time. Many women still choose to honor this tradition, but it can be tricky to decide exactly what you will add to your wedding ensemble to meet each of the requirements. Breaking Down the Tradition The “something borrowed” aspect can come from a family member or a close friend, and the bride’s wedding dress is often considered as “something new.” Often times a family heirloom makes an appearance as the “something old” component, but that still leaves the bride-to-be with an open spot for the “something blue.” This is where rings with blue stones come in! A blue stone can also cover one of the other parts in the tradition, too. An antique or vintage ring definitely fits the “something old” bill, and the good news is that even though it might be old, a well-cared for piece of vintage jewelry is always in style. A brand new ring obviously fits the “something new” description, but even if it is not brand new, new to you still counts! Sapphires and aquamarines are perfect for the special day, and some of our favorite rings feature these gorgeous blue stones. Sapphire Rings: Meadowlands and Bridlington victorian diamond and sapphire ring When you think of rings with blue stones, the first thing that may come to mind is a sapphire. These deep blue stones are very popular among those who love colored gemstones and have been featured in jewelry for centuries. Bridlington is from the Victorian era circa 1900 and features not one, but five beautiful sapphires set amongst an equal amount of stunning diamonds. The 18k gold band effortlessly brings all of these stones together in an elegant, cohesive fashion. platinum engagement ring Speaking of elegance, Meadowlands is another ring that features a gorgeous sapphire. Sometimes more is better, and that definitely works for Bridlington, but for Meadowlands one sapphire is enough to get the job done. In this case, the job is being one of the most eye-catching rings with blue stones that we’ve ever seen! This ring is nearly 90 years old, comes straight from the Art Deco period, and almost surely made an appearance at a fabulous cocktail party or two. This oval shaped sapphire weighs almost three carats and is surrounded on both sides by an array of sparkling diamonds. Fall in love with Meadowlands and have something blue to enjoy well beyond the wedding day. Aquamarine Rings: Ariel, Sophie, and Brigitte ornate aquamarine ring Ariel from the Claire Pettibone collection features an amazing oval aquamarine that is impossible to miss thanks to the 18k rose gold band. The rose gold and aquamarine perfectly compliment each other making this one of the most extraordinary rings with blue stones that you could ask for. A rose gold band also brings out the ten surrounding diamonds, as well as the adorning diamonds on the sides. white gold ring with aquamarine Sophie from the Claire Pettibone collection is made in a style similar to Ariel, as both of these rings come from the same vintage-inspired collection. If you are less of a fan of rose gold and more of a white gold lover, this is the aquamarine ring for you. The sky blue stone is accented by three diamonds above and below, as well as in the detailing on the band. You’ll definitely want to wear this “something blue” as often as possible. eco inspired engart dagement ring Brigitte from the Claire Pettibone collection is another one of our favorite rings with blue stones. It is similar to Sophie in that the aquamarine shares the sky blue color, as opposed to the darker hue that is found in Ariel. This vintage-inspired ring is Step Cut to maximize the center stone (which weighs nearly 1.5 carats) and focus on its clarity. Brigitte’s band is dripping with diamonds, so it has a great mix of sparkle and shine. Sapphires, aquamarines, and other blue stones are a great way to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding. They go well beyond meeting the requirements of a longstanding tradition and can be a constant reminder of one of the biggest days in your life. Learn more about the rings featured here and discover even more at Trumpet & Horn.