5 Springtime Ready Rings with Pastel Gemstones

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  pastel gemstones It’s hard not to love springtime: the flowers begin to bloom, the weather gets warmer, and everything seems to come to life. Incorporate spring into your life and wardrobe with one of our gorgeous rings that feature pastel gemstones. Spring fashion is all about bright colors and bold designs, and a pastel ring from Trumpet & Horn is exactly the thing to keep you in style for the season (and many more to follow). Exploring Pastels Blue is always a crowd pleaser, and this season bright blues with earthy and calming tones are going to be big. One gemstone that fits this description is aquamarine. If you are a fan of this dazzling blue stone, then Brigitte might be the ring for you. Brigitte Pastel gemstones Brigitte: This gorgeous vintage-inspired ring comes from the Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry Collection. Pastel gemstones are eye catching enough on their own, but the Art Deco and French elements featured in the design of Brigitte really make the nearly 1.5 carat aquamarine pop. The crisp, clear cerulean color is accented perfectly by the white gold edges and round diamonds that detail the band. Brigitte has a very refreshing feel to it, similar to a clear spring day. Fitzgerald pastel gemstones Fitzgerald: You know spring has hit when shades of green begin to peek through the soil. Budding leaves and flowers mark the end of winter and the beginning of a warmer climate. Green pastel gemstones capture the spirit of spring, and Fitzgerald is a great example of this. The sweet rose gold band and the overall floral shape make Fitzgerald the perfect blend of romantic and feminine. The bright green tourmaline in the center can’t be missed, and the halo of diamonds that surround it add just the right amount of sparkle.   Grace Pastel Gemstones Grace: This ring is the epitome of springtime. Not only does it feature a gorgeous purple kunzite, but the detailing surrounding the main stone is where this ring shines. When you think spring you think flowers and Grace delivers! Not only does Grace feature pastel gemstones, but the smaller pink sapphires and green garnets form incredible flowers on both sides of the kunzite. The rose gold on the band, the round diamond detailing on the top and bottom of the purple kunzite, and the gemstone flowers perfectly encapsulate the season of life.  Grace looks like it came straight from a fairytale and this vintage-inspired ring from the Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry Collection is ready to be a part of your story. sawmill pastel gemstones Sawmill: Carry a bit of sunshine with you at all times with Sawmill, a beautiful Victorian era ring with over five carats of gorgeous yellow citrine. There is no shortage of pastel gemstones in this stunning ring, which has a light yellow center oval stone and an additional deeper yellow citrine on both sides. While there is no doubt that citrine is the star of this ring, the metalwork and 14k gold help to make the look of this ring cohesive. Yellow is associated with happiness and, looking at Sawmill, it is easy to see why. Prairie pastel gemstones Prairie: When you think of flowers, one of the first colors that comes to mind is pink. Prairie’s pinkish-hued ruby will have you daydreaming about tulips and roses each time you catch a glimpse of it. The stone is a perfect size; not too large and not too small. The 18k yellow gold expertly complements the ruby in this authentic Victorian-era ring. If you needed another reason to fall in love with Prairie, the 16 Rose Cut diamonds have you covered. Pastel gemstones are the perfect accompaniment to warmer weather and blooming plants. Celebrate spring with a stunning ring from the Trumpet & Horn collection.

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