Halo Engagement Rings: A Signature Design of the Art Deco Era

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Halo engagement rings are very popular among future brides and are always in style. In fact, they have been in style for hundreds of years, dating back to at least the Victorian era. A halo ring features a center stone that is surrounded by multiple smaller stones. While modern halo rings typically feature a round or princess cut diamond, earlier eras tend to have designs that reflect the jewelry trends of that time frame. This is why halo rings from the Art Deco period are very unique—not to mention stunning!

Explore Art Deco

The time between 1920 and 1935 is known as the Art Deco period. Things were changing for women in the 1920s, so it was only appropriate that fashion trends changed, too, and that included halo engagement rings. Jewelry started to stray away from the softer, traditional Victorian and Edwardian style to a more industrialized look.

Design characteristics during the Art Deco era can be seen in various industries, including architecture, art, fashion, and jewelry. These characteristics tend to include geometric shapes like squares and circles, extensive line work, bold colors, and a focus on symmetry.

Beautiful & Bold


Sausalito is a fantastic example of Art Deco design at its finest. True to Art Deco’s love for circular shapes, the ring features a round diamond up front and center. Surrounding the center stone is a milgrain decorative detailing, which makes the diamond really stand out. Many halo engagement rings feature diamonds as the surrounding stones, but Sausalito features a platinum halo.


While Emeryville has a halo of 16 diamonds, it also features black onyx, which really sets this piece apart from other rings. Unlike many halo rings before its time, Emeryville’s halo does not directly come in contact with the center diamond. The spacing adds to the overall appeal of the ring, making it resemble an eye. Shape and symmetry are the crucial design elements here, as well as a hint of contrasting color.

Canoe Hill

Bold colors and circles: that’s what Canoe Hill is all about. While many halo engagement rings stick with a diamond for the center stone, this ring switches it up by making an opal the star of the show. The beautiful opal weighs in at over four carats. It takes quite a few diamonds to surround a center stone that large—26, in fact. The opal has strong, even hints of both blue and green which makes it visually stunning.

Define Your Own Look

Trumpet & Horn features many rings from the Art Deco era, including engagement rings. These pieces offer an untraditional take on a style that has been around for years, staying true to the design elements that people love so much about the time period. Search our selection of halo engagement rings from the Art Deco era today, and find the ring you’re looking for.

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