How to Create the Perfect Stack of Rings

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  If rings are your jewelry items of choice, then it might seem like you can never have enough of them! For ring lovers, a stack of rings can be one of the best ways to showcase a collection and wear multiple rings at once. Creating the perfect stack does take some amount of skill, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the rings you have chosen and their placement on your hand. Don’t Overdo It While you can wear as many rings as you want, if you try to layer too many then you might go beyond achieving a fun look and teter into the realm of gaudy. A well done ring stack will often feature a few rings that have less detailing and are smaller in size, as well as a ring that is more intricate. Cheyenne & Chantal Yellow Gold Band A stack of rings could include a simple, thin gold band, a ring with subtle detailing, and a bold ring with a lot of detail or an incredible gemstone. A simple gold band pairs well with almost anything and adds an extra layer to a intricate ring like Cheyenne. You can combine just these two rings, or add another step to the stack with something like the Chantal Yellow Gold band. The dip in the Chantal band allows it to fit nicely under a rounded ring and adds a bit of shimmer, thanks to the diamonds. Mixing Metals Valleyheart While sticking with the same metals throughout your stack of rings can add a cohesive feel, you can definitely branch out and mix colors for a larger variety of looks. Pairing gold with silver can help create a more dynamic appearance and allow you to wear your favorite pieces at the same time. A silver or white gold band would pair well on both sides of Valleyheart, pictured above, or pick a silver and gold ring and layer them underneath the stunning fire opal ring. Pairing a Stack with a Large Ring Upminster If you have one ring that is too large to add to a stack, you can wear it on one finger and create a stack of rings on another. Upminster takes up the majority of the finger, but its boho look is great for pairing with a stack of smaller rings and bands. Create your stack from pieces that complement the larger ring and wear it on whatever hand and finger feels most appropriate. Pieces with a hint of black would pair well, and if you are a fan of mixing metals, yellow gold will really make Upminster pop. Multiple Stacks You don’t have to stop at one stack either. Again, use caution and try not to over do it, but if you love to wear multiple rings and you have a lot of items that pair well together, go for it! Wearing a vintage ring as part of a stack of rings, or with a stack to complement it, can really show off the quality of the hand crafted piece and help you dress it up or down, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Trumpet & Horn is Your Home for Rings Find all of your rings at Trumpet & Horn, whether you want to add them to a stack or wear them on their own. Trumpet & Horn has a large selection of beautiful vintage jewelry, including rings, that are ready to join your collection today.

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