Love Is in the Air: Pink Gemstone Rings for Valentine's Day

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  Pink Gemstone Rings Be prepared for the most romantic of holidays this year with pink gemstone rings from Trumpet & Horn. Surprise your sweetheart with a special pink stone reminiscent of love and romance. While chocolates and flowers are thoughtful gifts, a dazzling ring with a pink stone will last forever and be a constant reminder of the love between you and your valentine. Mandalay Mandalay Gemstone Ring If you know someone with a big personality, then Mandalay could be a perfect match. This gorgeous ring features three huge rubies that weigh a total of over four carats; two of the rubies are over a carat and a half on their own! This ring is from the Edwardian era, which is known for its romantic design. Pink gemstone rings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and Mandalay fits the bill because of the hue of its Burmese rubies. Madeira Madeira Big and bold is perfect for some women, but others prefer a ring that is a bit more subdued. It is absolutely possible for a smaller stone and ring to have the same wow factor as a ring with a larger gemstone. For proof, look no further than Madeira. This gorgeous Art Deco ring might feature a smaller ruby than those in Mandalay, but it’s one of our pink gemstone rings that lights up the room. True to the era in which it came from, Madeira has intricate detailing on the band that directs your eyes to the precious pink ruby. The shoulders are lined with diamonds that add a bit of sparkle to this ring without detracting from the center Burma ruby. Any woman would be thrilled to receive Madeira from her special someone on February 14th. Orchard Park Orchard Park Gemstone Ring If you want a ring that proudly features both rubies and diamonds equally, Orchard Park is the answer. This floral inspired ring is over 100 years old and is a romantic, feminine, and fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day. Like many pink gemstone rings, Orchard Park features a center ruby. However, the ruby is surrounded by a halo of ten diamonds that not only showcase the ruby but take it to the next level. The 14k gold band adds an extra special touch that really makes this ring pop. Red Hook Red Hook Gemstone Ring Similar to Orchard Park, Red Hook is also a floral-inspired ring, but this one is a bit more simplistic. Sometimes, simple is better and Red Hook is a shining example of how a smaller stone can be just as captivating as one twice its size. This ring comes with a lot of history, as it is an antique from the Victorian era. The oval ruby is just under half a carat and is surrounded by a halo of ten round diamonds. The setting and band are made of 14k rose gold, adding a sweet and feminine touch to one of our classic pink gemstone rings. Abbotsford Abbotsford Gemstone Ring Another sweet and simple ring from the Victorian era is Abbotsford, which features a delicate, gorgeous center ruby and diamonds on both sides. Detailing on the shoulders and open metal work on the 14k gold band bring the whole look together. Abbotsford is from the 1880s, making it an authentic piece of antique jewelry. Your Valentine’s Day Ring Is at Trumpet & Horn Don’t wait until the last minute to get the perfect gift for the love of your life. Knock it out of the park with a special, one of a kind ring from Trumpet & Horn. Pink gemstone rings are the perfect gift for such a romantic holiday and she will be sure to enjoy hers for years to come.

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