Muted Minimalism: 3 Simple Engagement Rings

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Engagement RingsNearly everyone is familiar with the saying, “Bigger is always better.” When it comes to engagement rings, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many women prefer simple engagement rings; something that conveys romance and love without being too over the top. While large diamonds and lots of “bling” isn’t a bad thing, it also isn’t for everyone. Trumpet & Horn carries a variety of rings so that everyone can find, and fall in love with, their perfect ring. Today we are featuring three of our favorite engagement rings that fit the “simple is best” way of thinking.


Degas Gold and diamonds: Degas skips the extra frills and gets back to the basics. A sweet rose gold band holds a round center diamond, around which five smaller diamonds sit in a star shape. Degas is one of our favorite simple engagement rings. In fact, we loved the style so much that we had to recreate it. Degas is a vintage-inspired ring, so you can be the first person to etch your chapter into its history.

For those who truly appreciate a simplistic ring, Degas can be worn on its own. But, because this ring is made by Trumpet & Horn, it fits perfectly with some of our other vintage-inspired rings, like the Kandinsky ring or the Van Gogh ring.


Williston Much like Degas and many other simpler rings, Williston leaves the intricate details behind and puts gold and diamond at the forefront. This ring features a beautiful solitaire that’s impossible not to stare at. Although the Victorian era is known for its ornate and colorful jewelry, it also has its share of simple engagement rings, and Williston comes from the tail end of this period. This authentic vintage ring also features a simple 18k white and yellow gold band that really allows the solitaire to shine as the star of the show.


Foxborough The last ring in our list also has a combination of diamond and gold, but this one adds just a touch of detailing into the mix. If there is a fine line between simple and lavish, Foxborough expertly manages to toe it. This Edwardian ring comes from the early 1900s and shows off a brilliant solitaire in a raised Cathedral setting.

Of the simple engagement rings that we selected for this list, Foxborough is the only one that adds a bit of detail to the band. The 14k yellow gold band includes hand-pierced filigree on both shoulders, which helps to further accentuate the shimmering diamond. We could say more about the solitaire in Foxborough, but we don’t really need to. It speaks for itself.

Sometimes Simple Wins Just because a ring is simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous, as proven by Degas, Williston, and Foxborough. These diamond rings are so beautiful that they stand on their own without added detailing. Simple engagement rings are just as stunning as those with large stones and neither option is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on personal preference and style.

Whether you are looking for something simple or something a bit more dramatic, find your perfect engagement ring at Trumpet & Horn.

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