New Vintage Engagement Rings: Peachtree

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vintage engagement ring ShopPeachtreeNow Peachtree was originally a gorgeous authentic vintage Edwardian diamond ring that we simply loved and sold very quickly to a new owner. It has been one of our most popular rings on Pinterest, and our most frequently requested sold piece. Antique rings of this gorgeous, unique style are difficult to find, so we are pleased to offer this wonderful handmade vintage inspired reproduction of the original Edwardian era engagement ring! Peachtree is now a beautiful vintage-inspired engagement ring exclusive to T&H featuring a bezel set Old Mine cut diamond in a light and airy oval motif encrusted with bead set antique round diamonds. This unusual vintage ring would make a very unique engagement ring, or perhaps a beautiful cocktail ring with a distinct antique feel. Click above to shop now! vintage inspired engagement rings

About our Vintage Inspired jewelry

  The vast majority of our vintage jewelry collection is authentically vintage or antique, but occasionally we come across a piece of vintage jewelry that is so amazing we feel it would be a shame to keep it to ourselves. In these situations, we will carefully reproduce the original piece as faithfully as possible. We craft each vintage inspired engagement ring or piece of antique style jewelry by hand, and with the exception of the addition of electricity, we use the exact same techniques that were likely used by the original artisan. Some other suppliers of modern vintage style jewelry reproductions use modern computer aided design and manufacturing tools and advanced fabrication techniques to quickly produce numerous absolutely identical items. We don’t do this. We believe in the subtle variations and character that comes from a hand-worked piece of jewelry. We set our vintage inspired engagement rings and jewelry with authentic antique cut diamonds. A modern Round Brilliant cut diamond is a beautiful sight to behold, but would be out of place and stylistically inconsistent in a truly vintage style piece of jewelry. As faithful as our reproductions of vintage engagement rings and antique jewelry may be, we are the first to point out that they are not authentically vintage or antique. For this reason, we clearly indicate our reproduction items by marking them Vintage Inspired. We will never try to pass off a modern item as authentic. The beautiful Peachtree ring is a newly made vintage engagement ring based off the original authentic Edwardian ring. Our new version is made to order in any size - see our Peachtree page for more details. unique vintage engagement rings

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