Southport & Claremont Vintage Engagement Rings Featured on!

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vintage engagement rings   We're so happy to say that T&H vintage engagement rings Southport and Claremont were featured on GLAMOUR.COM this week!   One of our absolute favorite wedding writers, Kim Fusaro, featured 6 colorful vintage engagement rings to brighten up a drab Monday morning. We're not sure about everyone else, but a little sparkle ALWAYS puts a smile on our faces!   Southport is a vintage-inspired ruby and diamond halo ring exclusive to T&H. Really want to see some sparkle? Head over to Southport's page to watch our video. Amazing!   Claremont is a bright vintage sapphire and diamond cluster ring that emulates a beautiful snowflake. Guess what? Claremont has a video too. We just can't resist that sparkle!

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