The Beauty's in the Band: Exploring Intricate Ring Bands

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  Intricate ring bands For many people, the stone featured in their ring is the primary concern. However, gemstones aren’t the only detail that makes a ring stand out. Intricate ring bands can draw attention and give a ring a unique quality. In fact, band detailing can even enhance a center diamond or colored stone. Open metal work, additional stones, and other kinds of detailing adds character to a ring and truly makes it a one-of-a-kind piece that we adore at Trumpet & Horn. Take the time to explore some of our favorite rings with intricate bands. Montpelier Montpelier ring bands This gorgeous Edwardian era ring was expertly crafted to make all of the elements work together rather than stand out on their own. There are many characteristics that can comprise intricate ring bands, and Montpelier employs a lot of them. The bombe-style setting allows the center stone to shine. While your focus might go directly to the .78 carat diamond, you’ll also notice the engraving throughout the band and two Single Cut diamonds on either side of the center stone. Every detail in Montpelier is meant to work with the others, making this vintage ring an exquisite piece of jewelry. Golden Gate Golden Gate Ring Bands While you can’t miss the dazzling diamond in Golden Gate, the main draw of this ring is definitely the interesting band. Everything about this band is unique, from the original buttercup setting to the engraving on the inside that reads E.F.P. Golden Gate comes from the Victorian era and has a story to share. Intricate ring bands don’t necessarily have to be over the top, and Golden Gate is a shining example of this. The color of the 14k gold band is perfect for bringing out the color and clarity of the Old Mine Cut diamond in the center. The hand drawn engraving on the shoulders adds a personal touch to this ring. Henderson Henderson ring bands You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of a diamond to get a band with ornate detailing. Henderson is a great ring for someone who loves the look of a diamond solitaire but wants a bit more from the overall design. Intricate ring bands can add the perfect touch to an otherwise more traditional ring, making it perfect for its future owner. Henderson is a gorgeous ring from the Victorian era that a vintage jewelry lover would be proud to call their own. The round diamond in the center is definitely the focal point, coming in at over half a carat. The open metal work and engraving on the 14k yellow gold band make this ring extra special. Florence Florence Ring Bands Sometimes to get the full effect from the stones in a ring, the band has to be equally as stunning. One look at Florence and it is easy to see that this ring is exquisite because of the diamonds themselves and because of how they are set in the band. When designed well, intricate ring bands don’t overpower the ring but serve as an added wow factor. Five large diamonds and eight smaller ones are enough to make a ring stand out, but the placement of the stones in the band and the extra scrolling detail really make Florence the Victorian stunner that it is. Whitman Whitman Ring Bands Similar to Golden Gate, part of the appeal of Whitman is the interesting floral setting. The impeccable Round Brilliant Cut diamond acts as the center of the flower and the petals are created by the buttercup setting. This ring hails from the early 1900s and is considered a late Victorian-era ring. Whitman makes our list of intricate ring bands thanks to the addition of floral engraving that was added to this ring years later. An added bonus to Whitman is the engraving on the inside of the band that reads E-B CE to FSN 2-23-67. See More at Trumpet & Horn Whether you love an intricate band or gorgeous stone (or both!), Trumpet & Horn has a ring that will be the perfect addition to your collection. Check out our entire collection of vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry.  

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