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Are you a garnet? Maybe an aquamarine? Perhaps turquoise is the gemstone that represents you best. Everyone has a birthstone that is associated with their birthmonth. In fact, some people are lucky enough to have two or even three gemstones to choose from! Many of the modern day birthstones have existed in one form or another for centuries, and birthstone meanings have been around just as long. Gemstones have always been cherished, even before they were tied to specific birth months in Western civilization. Throughout the ages, gemstones were, and still are, considered to have qualities that can benefit the wearer. Although some of these meanings have shifted over time and by region, our most treasured gemstones have fascinating histories. For instance, did you know that pearls are believed to have a stabilizing effect on their wearer, especially when it comes to relationships? Or that sapphires promote calmness and have a protective quality? Birthstones can customize a personal piece or add a special touch to a gift. You already know that your birthstone is linked to your birth month, but it also reflects certain characteristics about you. So what is your birthstone and what does it say about you? What potential benefits can gain from wearing one of these beautiful colored stones? Keep reading to find out! January: Garnet garnet-ring Those with a January birthday are represented by garnet, a gorgeous stone that comes in a variety of colors. For many people, garnet brings forth images of a deep red stone. While this is one of the most popular color options available, garnets can actually be found in many shades, including orange, pink, and green. Among its birthstone meanings, garnets are believed to have healing and protective qualities. It’s traditionally believed that wearing the stone can speed up the healing process and help a wearer avoid bad karma—even nightmares. These stones are also considered to have a rejuvenating effect and are useful for stabilizing the body and mind. Speaking of stability, many people who wear garnets claim to have an improved sense of self, as well as increased willpower. If honesty and friendships are two values that are important to you, then garnet is fitting as your birthstone because these are also commonly associated with the stone. February: Amethyst amethyst-ring Purple lovers born in February rejoice! Like garnet, this violet beauty is believed to have healing powers. Clusters of amethyst may be used in households to promote healing and positive energy. Additionally, this purple quartz might also help protect against intoxication—but that has yet to be proven! Amethysts also represent the ability to overcome difficulties in life, which goes hand in hand with their capacity to ease a restless mind and aid in mental well-being. The birthstone meanings associated with amethysts might come as no surprise if you were born in February, or are close with someone who was. They are likely sincere, clearheaded, have great self-control, and prioritize close relationships. March: Aquamarine aquamarine-engagement-ring While bloodstone is also considered a March birthstone, aquamarine has become the universal symbol for an early spring birthday. Blue is known to have a calming effect that spurs feelings of happiness, and aquamarines take on similar properties. It is no coincidence that aquamarines are reminiscent of the sea, as sailors used to wear the stone to protect them during their voyages. Today, aquamarines are still believed to have protective powers, like maintaining a healthy pregnancy. The soothing effect of this bright blue stone can help clear the mind and release negative energy, which reduces stress and is helpful for meditation. As a March baby, you may have heard many references to you being level-headed, confident, or thoughtful, which is right in line with aquamarine. April: Diamond vintage-diamond-engagement-ring Everybody loves diamonds, and if you were born in the fourth month of the year, then you are one of the lucky ones who gets to call a diamond your birthstone! Even though it is considered a birthstone, a lot of people associate diamonds with engagement rings rather than as the star of a birthstone piece. Like the other gems, diamonds have birthstone meanings. They represent innocence, purity, and eternity, so their connection to marriage is fitting. An April birthday is often an indicator of true strength and a love for love itself. Pair that with the outstanding shine of a beautifully crafted diamond, and the combination is unstoppable. Similar to garnet, diamonds are available in a variety of colors beyond the traditional white or clear. April babies definitely got lucky when it comes to birthstones! May: Emerald vintage-emerald-ring It is hard to mistake the deep green of an emerald, and if you were born in May, you probably are more familiar with this stone than many. The gorgeous green stone really grew in popularity thanks to a famous woman with a May birthday: Queen Victoria. The queen was very fond of non-traditional jewelry, especially vibrant gemstones, and her engagement ring actually featured an emerald. As far as birthstone meanings are concerned, emeralds are linked to wisdom, prosperity, and faithfulness. They are also said to give their owner a renowned sense of youth, vitality, and good fortune. If you call the emerald your birthstone, there is also a good chance that you are no stranger to success and personal growth. June: Opal, Moonstone, Alexandrite vintage-opal-ring moonstone-ring When you are born in the middle of the year, you get three options for your birthstone: opal, moonstone, or alexandrite—oh, the choices! While these beautiful stones are recognizably different, they all have a whimsical, almost magical quality about them. Pearls are typically the most well recognized birthstone for June. This classic gemstone is best known in the form of a pearl necklace, but it instantly adds elegance to any piece it is featured in. Pearls are also said to have a stabilizing effect, especially when it comes to relationships, which is why pearls are often featured in bridal wear. Moonstone and alexandrite both have the capability to change colors depending on the surrounding light and environment. Moonstones have an almost milky appearance, giving them a mysterious sheen. However, one of the birthstone meanings behind moonstone is good fortune upon the wearer. Alexandrite is the least well-known of the three stones, mostly because it is hard to find and often replicated rather than being used in its natural form. July: Ruby vintage-ruby-ring Having a birthday in July earns you a red hot birthstone: ruby. Rubies have long been associated with good luck and friendship, so if you know someone that is always the life of the party and seems to fit in with every circle, there’s a good chance they celebrate their birthday in the second month of summer. Not surprisingly, love and romance are also closely linked to rubies. The red stone is known to represent passion and deep emotions. Fittingly, the darker the ruby, the higher the price usually is. August: Peridot peridot-ring While emeralds are well known for their gorgeous deep green color, peridot is a lighter green stone that is said to help balance the mind and keep its wearer at ease. August is a time when everything is in full bloom, and this bright green stone fits right in. Peridot forms deep in the earth and is actually brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions. According to tradition, peridot represents the tears of an ancient volcano goddess Pele and is said to ward off spells and evil. Birthstone meanings have been shared for centuries, and while warding off evil is no small task, peridot also has qualities useful for more modern, everyday maladies such as insomnia, bad digestion, and even depression. September: Sapphire vintage-sapphire-ring It’s true that sapphires come in multiple colors, but most people immediately think of a stunning, deep blue stone. While the tones are often quite far from each other, some of the meanings associated with the aquamarine carry over to this darker blue gemstone. Sapphires are said to have protective powers and promote serenity and calmness among those who wear them. If the sapphire is the stone that marks your birthday, you might be considered wise, even-keeled, and rational among your friends and family. Another trait you may hear used to describe you is loyalty. October: Opal and Tourmaline opal-vintage-ring Opal is lauded as the traditional birthstone for those with birthdays in October. However, in recent times, pink tourmaline has gained favor as October’s gemstone. Opals are considered unique they can reflect multiple colors and change appearance depending on how the light hits it. These whimsical birthstones represent hope and creativity. Birthstone meanings are shared between opals and tourmaline, as the latter pink stone also sparks creativity in those who wear it. Both October birthstones also inspire hope and keep away people with bad intentions. November: Citrine and Topaz citrine-ring With November comes a chill in the weather, dark fall colors, and the changing of leaves. The yellow and orange hues in both citrine and yellow topaz pair perfectly with this autumn month and have a warm, pleasant appeal. Cleanse your mind, heal your body, and take advantage of surrounding positive energy when in the presence of one of these gemstones. Yellow is closely tied to happiness, and with the removal of negative energy, inspired creativity, and good health, you will be well on your way to a better mood. However, there is a good chance you are already calm, collected, and ready for new things if you are a child of November. December: Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite vintage-turquoise-ring There are three birthstones to choose from when you have a birthday in December, but they are easy to remember since they all start with the same letter: topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. Tanzanite was discovered in the mid-1900s and usually appears as a deep blue or purple. However, because it is not abundant, tanzanite is not the most common december birthstone. The remaining two choices are both blue. Topaz has a paler hue and turquoise is vivid and bright with hints of green. The latter is one of the oldest gemstones known to man and has been trusted to keep away evil spirits for centuries. Similar to other blue gemstones, blue topaz is believed to have calming and healing powers. Born in December? You are likely often complimented on your intuition, sophistication, energy, and cheer. Does Your Birthstone Suit You? Does your birthstone ring true to your personality, or do you find yourself connecting more with another gem? The history behind these bold beauties adds a unique touch to your favorite pieces of jewelry. While you might not have a choice on which birthstone represents your birthday, you can choose from a variety of designs featuring your stone to give it a one-of-a-kind feel that is perfect for you. Or, if you really adore the birthstone meanings and appearance of a different stone, you can always wear more than one! Trumpet & Horn has a fabulous variety of vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry featuring these gemstones, which make great gifts for someone special in your life—or even for yourself! Explore the birthstone options that are available to you today at Trumpet & Horn.

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